Millionaire Marketing Machines – Scam or Scammer?


As for all online business opportunities, when thinking about joining, astute marketers do their due diligence before making any definitive decision in order to avoid scams and scammers. Prior to joining MOBE, the first thing I did was to perform an extensive search looking for reviews and scam reports. I was quite impressed when I found that all reviews were positive and scam reports actually nonexistent. This is quite rare, I thought, and this could definitely be a genuine opportunity.

And so I decided to narrow my search down and find someone already involved in the opportunity living around my area. In the Internet age this may appear peculiar and, in hindsight, it was counterproductive, but back then I felt it was important for me to feel that the people I was going to do business with were physically close by. The idea was that if the person that was going to sponsor me into the MOBE opportunity was physically reachable we could have worked together more closely, brainstormed and masterminded and that the relationship could have grown into something more and possibly become a friendship.

So I found this person living just an hour down the road in the nearest town. Actually, this guy contacted me a few months earlier about another online marketing opportunity which, back then, I decided not to pursue. So I called him. We had a chat and he “sounded” like a genuine person. He gave me his web site’s details and asked me to have a look and let him know what I thought.

I did and on his “free” blog (this was a big alarm bell to which I did not pay attention) I found the usual gallery: him with his expensive motor vehicles, happy family pictures in a couple of exotic holiday locations and the standard blurb about his previous working life as an exploited, unhappy employee and then about his courage and determination in deciding to kiss his hated job good bye and pursue his dream of financial freedom by becoming an enlightened online marketing guru and joining the MOBE opportunity.

To be honest it smelled a bit fishy, but then I decided that because we were living so close and we had such a friendly chat, he possibly could not be faking it. I was not thinking straight! I had just suddenly lost my job of 15 years due to redundancy and was really hoping this person was going to give me a hand getting started so I decided to invest part of my redundancy pay in the MOBE business which, as a matter of fact, ticked all my boxes. I would like to reiterate: MOBE is a legitimate business. It is not a “get rich quickly” scheme. It offers great training and resources, but, truth be told, requires a fair bit of knowledge and hard work to get it off the ground. I felt I had enough knowledge and was not afraid of hard work so I got in. The only problem was that, as soon as I bought the business and paid him, my sponsor disappeared.

When I finally was able to get in touch again he revealed himself for what he really was: totally incompetent and only after my money. He gave me a few regurgitated suggestions on what to do which are easily found all over the web. All the promises of “working together to achieve common financial goals”, which were the very reason why I decided to get involved with him in the first place, were suddenly gone! Every time I expressed my opinion I was being negative and now he kept on repeating: “other people are making money with this and so should you if you do the work”. Note: “other people” not “I am making money with this”.

So why am I telling you all this? Because I want to help you avoid my pitfalls and because no matter how good the opportunity you get into is, if you do not get the right people to work with, you will have to rely on whatever online marketing knowledge you already have. Of course if you do not have much you can still succeed with MOBE because all the training you need is inbuilt in the opportunity, but it will take you much longer and a much bigger effort on your part.

So firstly, before you decide to get involved with someone promising help and support, make sure his website is on at least the first or second page of Google for the keyword you are searching, in this case “Millionaire Marketing Machines”. This indicates without doubts that that person has SEO knowledge and can help you build and rank your website at the same level. This of course does not guarantee overnight success, but it is a solid indicator that he knows what he is doing and can advise you on how to achieve the same results. Notice: I said website and not video. Why? Because anyone can buy a $5 video on Fiverr and somehow get it on the first page of Google, but this does not mean that person has expertise in online marketing.

Secondly, do not believe any hype. When they tell you that you do not have to do anything, but “send traffic” to the squeeze page and the video will do the rest, they are basically telling you that “you will fail”. Generating online targeted traffic and send it to your squeeze page is possibly the hardest task you will ever experience unless you have thousands of dollars to burn in paid advertizing and even then there is no guarantee that the traffic the ads generate will convert. Indeed the free MOBE video does a wonderful job in sorting out the tyre kickers from the more genuine prospects and keep in touch with them, but you will still have to do your part to convert those prospects into buyers.

Thirdly, no matter what they tell you, avoid SPAMMING or hassling people at all costs, no matter how long it is going to take you to get leads. A single, genuine, targeted lead is way more profitable than hundreds of uninterested or annoyed prospects. And above all be truthful. Do not lie to people just to make a few bucks. I am neither an online marketing guru nor an overnight millionaire and I do not display my personal and family life on my website to make you believe I am living the life of your dreams. They call it “attraction marketing”… I call it “deception marketing”. Would you feel more inclined to trust me with your hard earned cash only because I have been on a few exotic holidays with my wife and kids or because I drive an expensive car?

I do not resort to such trickery and never will. I am just a regular guy with a proven track record of over 20 years of information technology support experience. I have working knowledge of Internet technologies, I know how to and could truly help you setup a real website or blog and will never advise you to get a “free” one. That would be a waste of time and just would not work.

I have supported thousands of people getting their jobs done day after day and effective customer service is my specialty. I am also an expert articles writer. You can check my credentials on Ezine Articles and Articles Base, essentially the most recognized articles directories on the web. Is this going to be enough to guarantee your success? Certainly not, but it will make you feel much more confident that by implementing what I can teach you and if you put in the required effort you will stand a much better chance to get your own business successfully off the ground. And this alone, in my experience, would be worth your investment.

I am also a very friendly person, always looking for like minded people to mastermind with and possibly strike a good, long lasting relationship and a good friendship which I consider the salt of the earth. So if you are out there thinking the same, looking for the same and would like to work with someone like you, just give me a yell and if we click, together we could really set up your MOBE business as it is supposed to and win. Speak soon…


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2 Responses to “Millionaire Marketing Machines – Scam or Scammer?”

  1. Colleen says:

    Hello, I agree with you about the learning curve needed to appeal to numbers of people via internet marketing. My husband was presented this MMM opportunity and nothing was said about internet marketing. He was told the marketing is done using phone lists and automatic dialing and a phone message that sorts through the people so that one only needs spend time with those who are interested to know more and, more accurately to know the person they might be working with. Do you have any experience with this MMM marketing approach? Thank you.

  2. dennis says:

    im thinking of joining amm/mmm !the person trying to get me in as kevin turner!i have contacted him a few times but not sure yet of joining!what do u recommend?dennis

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