Keywords Research and Tools


The first and most vital step for the success of a PPC campaign is the choice of keywords you are going to target and what keyword research tools you are going to use to find them. This is by no mean a step to take lightly and can be a little difficult. If you have already a web site and you have been working on organic SEO you should already have a pretty good idea of what keywords have been giving you good results.

In this case the choice will be easier although you may have to select those with an affordable CPC (cost per click) and eliminate the most expensive ones. This is if you are running your PPC campaign on a budget. Alternatively if you are starting from scratch, then performing sound keyword research before starting your PPC campaign is imperative.

There are several tools you can use for your keyword research. I personally use the paid version of Market Samurai which I strongly recommend if you are serious about making it online. Market Samurai also offers a free trial version of their award winning software so before you invest in this wholesome tool you can download it and test it out. The free version also comes with some very useful and free training videos which can get you well on your way to become a keyword research master. Click here to secure your free copy of Market Samurai now!

The next best thing, which is totally free, is the Google Keywords Tool. But it is not wise to trust its results as they can crazily fluctuate. So comparing them with the results you get from other tools like Market Samurai can give you much more realistic outcomes and get a much more reliable idea of which keywords you should target. You can also take advantage of another cool feature inbuilt in Google: the auto-suggest tool. Type your seed keyword in the Google search box and check out all the phrases containing your keyword that other users are currently using to search the same topic. All you have to do here is grab them and use them in your PPC campaign.

Be careful though because choosing the keywords for your campaign is very different from selecting those for your organic SEO. With PPC you are targeting a very particular type of surfer; I’d say the most lucrative type of surfer which is the one with its credit card in hand and ready to make a purchase. I know this might sound counter intuitive to the novice, but to make the most of these golden egg geese you should be using negative keywords.

In the next post we will dissect negative keywords and learn how to use them to catch the golden egg geese…Stay Tuned!

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