Setting up Paid Advertising Campaigns

Rule No. 1: to be in control of your budget you must plan your paid advertising campaigns and manage them effectively. I cannot stress enough the importance of setting a budget you can afford. The fact that you might have heard of people spending $100 per day on traffic does not mean you have to [...]

Home Business – Paying for Traffic Overview

  The subject of paid traffic is huge and can be puzzling for anyone just getting started. While you may feel a little confused about how to use it, this traffic technique it is not that complicated to learn. You unquestionably need to take the time to learn the fundamentals of paid traffic and the [...]

Getting Started with Paid Traffic

` Do you want to take your business to the next level? Using paid traffic sources is a great solution. On the other hand, if you have never used paid traffic before getting started may be a little daunting. This post will describe the basics of what you can anticipate when getting started with paid [...]

Buying and Selling Online Ads

  One good form of paid traffic is to buy and sell ads. If you are looking to generate traffic to your site you will want to look for places where you can buy advertising space. On the other hand if you want to make money from advertising you can sell advertising space on your [...]

What is List Segmentation?

  If you have been researching the many aspects of list building you would surely have heard of list segmentation, but the concept might still be rather obscure and you do not really understand what it is. List segmentation is simply what the name describes, a method of separating a large list into a smaller [...]

5 Fundamental Tools for List Building

List building is an incredibly powerful tool for marketing your business and can also be used in a range of other ways to build trust, to collect data and to crowd source ideas. Thus e-mail collection has increasingly come to the fore lately as more and more bloggers see it as a critical part of [...]

How to Get People to Sign Up for Your Mailing List – Powerful Advice for Bloggers

If you run a blog, then having a mailing list is a very important part of your strategy and can go a long way towards helping turn your visitors into true fans – and better yet, customers. Think about it: if you ever want to sell an e-book, how much more likely is someone to [...]

List Building: ask and you will get!

In spite of everybody being aware just how vital e-mail lists are for a successful digital marketing strategy and knowing just what a huge difference they can make, there are still innumerable blogs out there that don’t have any kind of list building facility. Why is that? Partly it’s because it’s a lot of work [...]

List Building – Thinking Outside the Box

When building an email list creativity can be a huge plus. You truly need to think outside the box to get exceptional results. What techniques can you utilize to build your list that make you stand out from the masses? While most people are offering reports and eBooks as a gift for subscribing to a [...]

Using Giveaway Events to Build Your List

If used correctly using Giveaway events can be a great way to grow your list. There are two different ways to accomplish this. First you can join a Giveaway event that is being hosted by someone else. Two you can produce your own event. The advantage of the first one is that you don’t have [...]

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