Online Home Business – HEY, DO THIS FIRST!



punk-vespaOftentimes, I’ll REALLY encourage people to get in to paid media over the “”free”” stuff.

But today, I want to go against my own grain a bit!

You shouldn’t be investing in ANY TRAFFIC, free, or paid, until you have this in place…

And what is it that you should have in place?

It’s this:

A Powerful Conversion Vehicle.

Without that in place first, you don’t really have an online home business doing anything else, much less trying to drive traffic.

See, most people think they have a traffic problem.

They whine about FB Ads not working, about Solo Ads being dead, and so forth…

But the reality is, they don’t have a traffic problem, they have a conversion problem.

That’s why having a conversion vehicle first is so critical.

Having a funnel setup, from opt-in page, to sales page, to upfront and back end offers that are proven to convert!

Only then do you look at your traffic.

Because once the conversion vehicle is setup and profitable, you can simply scale up the traffic, and then you can watch your profits literally soar for months and even years!

One of the BIG KEYS to setting up your conversions vehicle is integrating in High Ticket Offers.

For one, media isn’t cheap these days. So you need high profit potential.

Next, competition is fierce. You want to be able to spend the most for traffic, not the least.

That’s how you dominate and profit consistently.

Think about it this way: traffic is like the fuel for your online home business. It’s not the end all be all.

And setting up your online home business and starting to send traffic without a top tier offer set in place is like trying to put 1,000 gallons of gas into a Scooter.

It just won’t happen.

It wasn’t built to handle that.

And so nearly all of that gas will be wasted.

High Ticket is like a 747 Plane.

It’s able to carry your advertising costs and lead you to the big profits.

With low ticket, you may spend $1,000 in advertising, and only generate a few hundred dollars in sales.

That’s because you’re driving a Scooter.

Your conversion vehicle wasn’t setup to handle that traffic.

However, with high ticket offers integrated into your business, that same $1,000 could yield you a $5-$10k plus profit, all with no extra work involved.

Why, because you made sure you were in the right vehicle to drive you to the maximum amount of profits first.

Getting a powerful conversions vehicle setup can be extremely hard, OR, extremely easy.

The hard way is trying to do it all yourself.

The easy way is leveraging this system that nearly does it all for you:

Check it out, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

This system WILL WORK, if you’ll work along with it.




Online home business – Your strategy to being strategic…



strategyToday I want to talk to you about the importance of being strategic in your online home business.

Not “”why”” you need to be strategic. Why it’s a MUST.

DEFINITION OF STRATEGIC: Carefully designed or planned to serve a particular purpose or advantage.

Related Words: calculated, tactical, prudent, shrewd…

I take it you’ve got some end goal in this business right?

To make enough part-time to fire your boss. To supplement your retirement income.

To free up more time to be with your mate, your kids, your grand-kids and so forth.

What is the ideal result YOU see in your mind right now?

The only way you’ll get there is if you can become more strategic in your online home business.

And once you get that strategy, it needs to be developed into a DAILY PLAN OF ACTION.

That’s important.

Day in and out, consistently working towards your goals.

Otherwise, you’ll get caught up in FB, email, and every- body else’s daily agenda.

Think about it this way:

You plan a family trip across the globe to visit that place you’ve always wanted to go (can you see it?).

To get to the starting point of your destination, you type in the address in your GPS.

That’s your current goal.

However, the GPS doesn’t stop there. It gives you turn by turn, road by road, city by city guidance and navigation to help you get there successfully and easily.

It’s broken down to the smallest step for you so that you don’t get overwhelmed or lost on the journey.

That’s how you want to set up your online home business. Turn by turn. Every step. Planned.

What do most people do?

They jump online everyday with NO plan.

Oh they’ve got in their head what they want to do, but for some odd reason, they never get around to it.

It’s because they weren’t being strategic! It’s because they didn’t have a consistent plan to follow DAILY!

Which leads me to my next big, dirty, hairy and critical point: W-O-R-K.

Four nasty letters to most people.

Doing real WORK is the only way you’ll be able to grow your online home business.

Day in and day out… WORKING YOUR BUSINESS.

Now for most, doing the work part is just too much. It’s not that they’re lazy. It’s not that at all.

Some are lazy and want something for nothing, but I don’t believe that’s the majority, and certainly not the peeps reading my posts!

It’s too much because there’s just so much involved to setup on the front-end that it’s very overwhelming.

I’m sure we’ve all been there right?

However, here’s the kicker…

It doesn’t have to be YOU that’s doing all of the work.

You can skip the product creation, you can skip creating converting sales pages, landing pages, video sales letters and so forth…

You can skip perfecting sales scripts and talking to 100 people a day on the phone…

And you can simply leverage the work of someone that’s done it all for you already and is willing to let you use his powerful system and million dollar team.

Getting excited about the possibilities of something like that?

Watch this presentation:

And you’ll discover a young man that’s set up just such a system.

Not only that, but it’s been proven to work for many of the new members hopping aboard right now.

New incomes are being created, new friendships are being forged, jobs are being killed, and dreams are being born, all because of this powerful system that’s at your fingertips right now:

Check this out ASAP, and let me know if you have any questions.




Online home business – How to really scale your business…



PaidMediaWhen most people look at marketing their businesses, they think of traffic like this:

Paid Traffic


Free Traffic

Really though, there’s no such thing as “”free”” traffic when marketing online. That’s a myth.

Yet, it holds a lot of people back from investing through paid media. #BIG MISTAKE

(You’ll notice I said that paying for traffic is an investment, not an expense!)

For instance, consider just one “”free”” way to grow your online home business.

You’ve got SEO, where you try to rank high in the search engines for buyer keywords.

If you’re in the top 5, have a hot keyword you’re ranking for, are getting a LOT of traffic, and have a converting website, you’ll likely get some sales.

Maybe tons of sales.

However, is that traffic really free?

Seems like it is, but the answer is a resounding NO.

For one, ranking a website these days isn’t easy, at all. You’ve got to create the site, and most often, you’re investing in services to get links back to your site with a high page rank (PR).

And nowadays, there’s an important Social Aspect involved in ranking your sites.

In order to get sales, you have to create AMAZING content. All. The. Time.

I’ve got friends that spend hours, days, and even weeks on just one blog post, not even knowing if it will generate a single sale.

So the investment may not be pure money related. But there’s always an expense. In this case, it’s mostly time. Many hours slaving away at the keyboard, creating post after post, hoping it’ll rank and get sales.

This method is very risky, because with one little stroke of the finger, ye olde Google Masters can make your site go from #1 to #1,000 in the search engine for apparently no reason at all.

It happens all the time.

Boom. Business gone.

So, a lot of this boils down to how much you value your time.

Spend 8 hours creating a blog post that “”may”” get a few sales. (A lot of times this works out to you making less than $5 to $10 bucks an hour -or worse!)

Or, you can take the savvy choice, and look into paid media.

Paid media isn’t as scary as it seems to many, and it will give you massive leverage and opportunities to scale your online home business up fast.

For instance, everybody knows that a “”buyer”” is 1,000X better than a cold lead.

Well with paid media from places like Facebook, you can target BUYERS, and get this, of your competitors!

THAT’S power my friend.

Anyways, if you haven’t started investing in traffic for your business yet, what’s holding you back?

Resolve to try it out and stick with it. You can start on a small budget, so there will be very little risk involved for you. And likely, you’ll get addicted to it and the good results you’ll start to have.

Of course, you do want to run advertising the right way, and the more confidence that you have in something to work, the more likely you will get into this.

That’s why the mttb system includes a full-on traffic training.

You even get a traffic COACH!

Now this isn’t just generic info either.

You get specific traffic training from the top earners of this business model. Exactly what’s working now for them.

All you have to do is learn the traffic secrets, and then go out and do what they’re doing.

That makes it crazy simple for you to get started in growing your business with paid media.

And, it stacks the odds WAY in your favor.




How to generate leads for your online home business



leadgenIn online marketing, generating more high-quality leads is the lifeblood of a home-based business.

But if you’re still stuck to employing old-school methods for generating leads, you may end up with a dismally-low number of prospects, and you’ll generate nothing but anemic sales, and more rejections.

Here’s how to efficiently generate more high-quality leads for your online home business.

Do content and video marketing

In any online home business, content is king. If your marketing Web site is filled with outdated and useless details, no prospect will ever think of hooking up with your business opportunity plan.

Articles and videos are the kings of content these days. If you’re not posting and distributing high-quality articles and videos, you’re sure to miss out on getting a massive amount of high-quality leads for your business, and you’ll continue to have dismally-low sales.

Develop a sharper lead generation system

In your online home business, if you still make cold calls to your prospects, or knock on their doors each and every day, you won’t have an easy time generating recruits for your sales team.

According to seasoned online marketers, having a well-crafted lead generation system does a great deal in targeting more prospects and loyal customers to your online business.

Learn how to build lists, do email and social online marketing, and get referrals from your repeat customers, as well as employ sharper lead generation software and tools.

Learn how to employ attraction marketing

Attraction marketing is probably one of the most revolutionary methods for generating high-quality leads.

With attraction marketing, you want the people to come find you, and become interested in what you have to offer.

If you know the basics of attraction marketing, it will much easier for your business to generate better, high-quality leads.

Better start reading up on attraction marketing now, and begin mastering it as well.

Blog your way to profits

Blogging is viewed as a truly great complementary tool for online marketing.

You don’t need to pay a lot to blog, since there are a lot of affordable blogging services today. Blogs help your prospective customers learn about your products and services, and they’ll also know more about your personal side.

Talk about your struggles, and success, and build relationships with your prospects. A good blog shows off what you know, and how you can help others.

In generating more leads for your online home business, it would help if you market the products and services that appeal to more people, and give them value.

However, in order to sell any product or service, you first need to generate prospects.

To generate better leads, learn how to effectively brand yourself, and also know the tricks for capturing better qualified leads on the Internet.

If you wish to take advantage of the best done-for-you online home business system available today offering a personal online business coach and a team of professional marketers calling your prospects and making $1000, $5000, $8000 sales for you…

…Check the MTTB system out…

You will be glad you did!




Online Business – How To Build A Relationship With 1000s Online . . .



relationshipbuilder“How to build a relationship with 1000s of people who want to do what you do using the internet”

In this post I am going to speak in terms that anyone can understand.

I am going to show you exactly how to get your online marketing business growing in the right direction starting today.

Here are the basics to developing widespread relationships using the power of the internet.

At the basis you will need to build a list of subscribers or a newsletter.

What this means is you need to have some sort of a lead capture page to direct traffic to.

Now I get asked all the time . . .

“What do I put on my lead capture page to get people to want to opt in?”

You need a HOOK and that’s it.

If you’re an online marketer and you want to develop a relationship with other online marketers then you create a lead capture page with a headline that is interesting to online marketers.

For example:

“How To Grow An Online Marketing Business Using The Power Of The Internet”

This is simple. But I guarantee you that if you put that on a lead capture page with an opt in box for people to get more information a certain percentage will opt in.

I use this example just to illustrate that your lead capture page doesn’t have to be written by the most expensive copywriter in town.

All you need to do is speak to the needs of the people you are trying to attract and give them a reason to want to learn more about the solution you have.

I’ve filled out thousands of lead capture pages, just out of curiosity. And I guarantee that there are millions more out there like me.

So keep it simple.

Next on this:

I frequently get asked how I get traffic to my lead capture page.

Bing Ads.

Start a campaign with a couple thousand words in your niche. Set a price per click that you are comfortable with and then let it run.

Of course your response will most likely not be what you expect at the beginning. Simply add or remove keywords that are not working until you have something that fits your need.

This will give you a huge leverage.

Once you get these two steps figured out you will have a passive lead generation machine on your hands.

Meaning . . . You don’t put any further physical work into the effort and leads will continue to be generated at a consistent pace as long as you don’t change anything.

This is important.


You don’t want to spend all of your time trying to get leads.

You want to spend your time developing a RELATIONSHIP with your leads.


Again :

Simple, just email them something every day from your personal perspective about your niche.

Do this consistently. Consistency leads to trust and a feeling of comfort.

Over time your leads will start contacting you in their chosen way.

Ohh! One more thing.

YES people are going to complain about you emailing them all the time. So what? Remove them from your list and continue to speak to the people that value what you send.

Follow this plan and trust in it and you will see results.

Here’s an example of how the RELATIONSHIP you build is essential to the amount of responses you receive.

Let’s say I’ve been applying this method to another one of my groups. In essence I have been sending two different groups the same emails.

One list I share techniques with and the other I push business to.

Guess what?

The click-through rates are roughly the same regardless of the recommendation!

Surprising isn’t it!


Because it means that the basis of the response is the relationship and NOT the ad.

What does this mean?

It’s highly replicable as long as you follow the plan listed above.


Take some time to think about that.


P.S. Just imagine never having to make a cold call ever again. Imagine having a team of professional phone marketers call your leads and make the sales for you. Don’t hold back! Get Your Online Marketing Business Off The Ground Today With MTTB. You Deserve It!


Online Home Business – How Do I Get Off To A Fast Start?



AlbertImaginationI got a question: “As a newbie like me, who wants to get started fast. According to your experience, what should I look out for? This is the very first time I’m looking into the online home business, my mind is completely empty. Do not know where I should start from? ”


Excellent question my friend!

The first step that you should take to get your online home business off to a fast start is, well let me backtrack for a second…The first step that you should take EVEN BEFORE you start getting your business off to a fast start is to:


What level of success do you see for yourself?

Six months from now how do you reasonably picture your business?

How does that make you feel?

This is where you should begin.

Does the vision of having hundreds of people join your business excite you?

What exactly does that emotion feel like?

Close your eyes, visualize this image as well as what it will feel like to be at that state and hold on to it as tightly as you can. Visualize this everyday and invariably you’ll start to act towards that goal.

Now the next step you need to take is:


What is it going to take to get you to achieve your goals?

Ask the question specific to the issue.

To do this you need to have a clear view of the conversion figures for your business.

So in other words:

How much traffic is it going to take you to get a lead?

How many leads is it going to take you to a sign up?

How many signs ups is it going to take you to get to your chosen goal?

Once you have these questions answered clearly you then need to ask the questions specific to your advertising efforts:

What type of advertising are you going to have to do?

How much money will you be devoting to your business?

How much time?

If you have more time than money then you have to ask yourself what sort of low cost and FREE advertising you are going to be doing.

And then temper your expectations to this plan.

It’s going to take you longer to grow your business without money or leverage than it is with these resources so you are going to have to augment your plan to account for these details.

You will have to give yourself the time to see your ends come true . . .

If you are going to be doing FREE advertising I suggest you start out with high volume article marketing and forum marketing leaving your budget for things like PPC ads and newsletter advertising.

Now let’s talk about BLOGGING.

An online home business is about targeted traffic generation AND relationship building. Blogging falls into the second category.

You will not be doing blogging for initial traffic generation it will be done for your relationship building efforts.

So it’s something you use AFTER you generate a lead. You send them to your blog to learn more about you as a person.

So on your blog you should discuss what excites you about your business. Post pictures of you and your family so that your leads can see and get to know you.

This will begin your online relationship building efforts.

Getting off to a fast start begins with planning and goal development. Then the rest naturally flows from this process.


To the top,


P.S. At Last! … A ‘Step-By-Step’ system that cuts out all the guesswork, time wasting, and frustration from making $1,000, $5,000, $8,000 per sale (or even more) from your online home business … GUARANTEED!!”


A Guide to those who are attracted to Internet Business Opportunities



????????????????????????????????????????Every single person is fundamentally fascinated by the wonders of the Internet. Who wouldn’t be, right? Not only is it tremendous to surf through the variety of websites around but also the ability to shop and do business.

Speaking of business, there are various Internet business opportunities that an entrepreneur can take on. They come in a multiplicity of forms. However, not all of them are equivalent. Simply put, some businesses are superior to the rest of the options presented online.

With the dawn of Internet businesses which all potential online entrepreneurs can test out, it has become fairly effortless for many people to discover alternatives in earning money.

It is helpful indeed, right? Think of all the hardships many have gone through due to the present economic volatility and constant freezing of hiring, company bankruptcy, and lower employment rate.

A lucrative and valuable Business Venture

If you are interested in making money, then a profitable way of doing so is by going online. Yes, the solution to the burning financial problems that each family faces can be found over the Internet.

With the aid of your laptop or computer and a reliable Internet connection, you can say goodbye to the traditional and tiring means of conducting business from home. Today is known as the information age and true enough; everyone has started embracing the technology and made the most out of it.

The benefit of being online to make money is that you are able to generate multiple streams of income. There is less paperwork, less time to be consumed, ordering is fast and easy, and delivery and shipment can be done all in a speed of light.

Plus, you get the chance of expanding on your target market. Because the Internet is accessed by people all around the world, you are able to reach out to them without the fuss.

In contrast with the regular job that you may have handled for a very long time, doing a home based business will free you from the long drive or commute. Also, it lets you juggle family time and business at the same time.

Now, to ensure that you are able to cater to your customers’ needs, you must work on an autopilot which sends notices to them that you have received their inquiries. Your shop should create the impression of accommodating clients for 24 hours and 7 days a week.

Just imagine the low cost you will need to shoulder and the amount you can save for the workforce, resources, and labor.

A Note on Internet Business Strategy

Another thing that you should keep in mind is a business strategy to implement. You need to have a clear set of defined plans and goals which are all feasible and attainable within a reasonable span of time. There must be a niche market that you will target as well as a product or service to promote.

Remember that the competition online is truly stiff. Hence, you should really be cautious when taking on any Internet business opportunities.

That is why I recommend MTTB. You can check it out now right here…




A Few Tips on Turning Making Money Online Ideas into a Success



successWhen you want to make money online, you have to be dead serious.

There is no easy way, shortcut, or the need to skip the steps towards earning your keep. A business may be profitable but depending on how you manage and run it.

Despite you being a pro in such, you still need time, effort, perseverance, and dedication all rolled into one so you can be assured that you will be on the right track.

Looking for money making opportunities have become quite a struggle for many people.

Good thing, today’s technological advantage has opened new avenues for everyone to grab a whole new set of chances to improve their lives.

That is no less than the making money ideas as presented on the Internet.

Generating income is a major concern for many. And when it comes to achieving it for the purpose of keeping your family well-fed and well-provided, going online for some making money ideas is a wise move.

There are nonetheless a lot of choices at stake for you. All you must decide on is whether you have the funds to use as capital or you will rather join other established Internet companies and earn your wage.

Yes, you can either put up your very own business or decide to become an employee of one of the stable companies over the Internet.

The Truth about Making Money

There is no television channel that you may flip through which can provide you the quickest way towards becoming rich. If you are a business owner, you will realize that things don’t come for free.

You have to work hard because the success of your enterprise can’t be achieved overnight. You must exert all your effort for your business to do well. You have to balance your time and keep your business afloat.

On the other hand, a newbie lies clueless about all these. But a tip is that you must work hard to get your clients say “yes” to you. Don’t bombard them with the usual sales talking schemes as you are likely to scare them off.

You should let them understand that your product or service means commitment towards that of quality service. Give them the impression that they will benefit from what you are offering them instead of driving them to spend their money for nothing.

Another thing to consider is to always keep in touch with your customers. Building good relationship with each of them is the key to keep them coming back. A short conversation with them will definitely produce a harmonious working relationship between both parties.

Then, always offer a guarantee. If you can provide them a trial offer, then, do so. Give them time to ponder on their decision. Once they are satisfied, they will surely get your services and in fact, give out good words about your business.

These are the important tips on how to make money ideas become successful ventures. You just have to put all of these into action.

And this is the best way to achieve success I have found!


Speak soon…


A Few Tips on Making Extra Money Online



entrepreneurAdmit it, it seems that earning money is so difficult these days, right?

Your typical 9-5 job may not be able to suffice everything that you need. Perhaps you have kids to support which even makes everyday survival a more tedious task. You can’t give up on your love ones, right?

But with the advent of online businesses and jobs in this time and age, making extra money on the side is no longer thought of as a very stressful thing to do.

The Internet is full of features that will truly give you the idea on how to make money to support your needs.

The thing is, aside from earning your keep from your regular job’s wage, you can still spend some time doing part time job without physically moving yourself from one place to another.

Home based businesses or jobs are possible through the Internet.

Therefore, wanting to make easy money is feasible through the use of the Internet. But before getting on something, you must first reflect on what you really want to achieve in the end.

What kind of online job do you like?

What is it that will suit your taste and fit into your schedule?

Is it for a long term or short term basis?

All these and more are necessary to be asked to yourself and be pondered on so as to be able to help you decide.

Here are tips to get you going.

Make certain that you research. You don’t just jump into any sort of opportunity that you see.

This is the common mistake of most Internet marketers. Decision-making is a crucial factor. It is a process that must not be made in a hurry.

When deciding on a market to be in and a product to promote, be sure that they are active and that they have followers.

Be sure to have a marketing campaign. Who will know that you have a business out there? How will people know about your products or services?

You must be active in letting the public see and feel the visibility of your endeavor. Test your market and then focus on making money.

Spend time and give your effort. Both of these matter a lot. Some people are mistaken when all they think of is that after purchasing a system and choosing a business model, their part ends there.

Well, this is very wrong. You must take time to settle everything especially during the start of your business.

An auto-responder is also needed so as to let your clients know that your business is active 24/7 and that you will get back to them to take charge of their queries.

Create a plan. The Internet is a vast market, so to speak. Thus, you can easily be distracted and tempted to jump from one plan to another. It is essential that you make a solid plan and stick to it.

But a careful warning though. Not all those who have tried ended up successfully. Hence, here are a few guidelines for you to keep in mind when attempting on making extra money online.

And that is why I recommend to check out the system I use.

It will give you all of the above plus much more…


To the top!


Online Home Business – How to multiply your profits!



commitmentLooking for a quick and simple enough way to…


100X, or even…

1,000X your profits?

here it is:


Re-read that a couple times.

It’s THAT important.

Think about it, most people will buy a product. And that product may cost anywhere from $7 all the way to $7,000 or up…

And most often, there is no commitment involved for the buyer whatsoever. (Usually the higher you pay, the higher “”personal”” commitment you feel).

So what happens is it’s just too easy to buy another product or opportunity that looks good and promising.

And on and on it goes…

Likely, your prospect already has a j-o-b they’re committed to.

So here, they’ll just keep buying and buying, feeling no real need to stop and focus on one thing.

Which is in turn, one of the KEYS to their success!

AKA: Sticking with one system and making it work, rather than dabbling in 100′s of them.

So what would happen if they had a real commitment to implement the system that you turned them on to and sold them?

They’d implement! They’d stick with it! They’d become successful and profitable and would love you for it!

How does this benefit you? How does this 1,000X your profits?

Well, once they’ve committed to taking action to the system you’re with, they’ll stick with you.

They’ll stop buying 1,000′s of other products. They’ll start to take action and they’ll start to take this online home business seriously.

And when they do this, they’ll see the value in growing their business even faster and easier.

Which in your case, – AS LONG AS YOU HAVE HIGH TICKET OFFERS IN YOUR FUNNELS! – you’ll profit very nicely from.

And, so will they.

In fact, they’ll be screaming your praises all the way to the bank and back.

One of the easiest ways for you to create this commitment for your buyers is to actually care about their well-being and success.

And you do this by making a personal contact and point of touch with them.

Emailing to welcome them and help them out, a quick phone call, a FB Message, following up and helping them get going…

It won’t take you long to do this, but believe me, people will appreciate it, and your profits will shoot through the roof.

Again, you MUST have top tier elements in your business if any of this will work.

For that, check out this presentation:

Decide to get started right away if it looks like a good fit to your goals and needs.

And if I can help out in anyway, just reply back and let me know.


Best of success,


Home business – SCREW your desires and profit as a result…



JacuzziGot a BIG tip for you today…

You’ve probably got, exactly down to the detail, what type of home business and lifestyle you want -right?

How much you want to make, how many hours you want to work each week, what type of home and car you want, and so forth…

Well, take all that, and throw it out the window!!!!!

At least when you’re talking with your customers that is!

See, we all know what “”WE”” want, but we can’t assume that’s what our customers want as well.

Most often, what they want in this home business and life is NOT the same as what we want.

We may want a 7 figure a year home business that will give us a million dollar home, 8 vacations a year, and 6 cars in the driveway.

The customer may want that same thing, or, he may want a $100k house, paid for, on 30 acres, where he and his family can have a huge garden and live off the land. He may desire a 1995 Ford F150 over a Benz.

You just don’t know…

The point here?

Meet your prospects and customers where THEY’RE at in their business.

Help them envision and get what THEY want.

Don’t make your agenda THEIR agenda.

Obviously, there is a lot of ways you can integrate this powerful info into your home business right away… so do it! :)

But here’s one tip:

Use more open-ended questions at times. Leave it for their “”Imagination”” to fill in the details.

Questions like: “”What type of lifestyle do you envision having from this type of business?””

“”If you look at yourself 2 years from now, what type of lifestyle do you see you and your family living?…””

‘Tis some powerful knowledge bombs being dropped here, only if you implement them of course.

This is what’s soooooo friggin’ cool about MTTB:

It doesn’t matter what your goals are.

From just wanting to work an extra hour or two a week to generate $1k to $5k in profits….

To wanted to get to a high six or seven figures, willing to do whatever it takes to get there…

And everything in between…

This system will get you there and will “”Custom Tailor”” to YOUR NEEDS, not mine or anybody else’s.

Find out what you want, what you’re willing to do to get there, and then get started.

And know this…

I’m here to help.

As well as many others once you get inside of the awesome community.

Hope to see ya inside!


Have a great day,


Top Internet Marketer Reveals Trends And Opportunities…



businessplanJust recently, one of the top internet marketers and consultants on the web published a new report on the up and coming trends and top opportunities online right now…

This is the guy that had one of the first Million Dollar Days online, and he’s the brains behind many of the biggest launches today.

In short…

He. Knows. His. Stuff!

One of his forecasts?

“”One-Product Businesses Are Dying!””

You used to could sell just one or two products at a time and could do VERY well, but today, you just can’t.

There’s always the rare exception, but you don’t want to be the rare exception in business.

You want to follow what’s working NOW.

A few of the key reasons that this just doesn’t work anymore is a mixture of rising advertising costs, dropped conversion rates because of there being too many choices for customers today, and so on…

And I think you’d agree, the competition out there today is Cray Cray!


You need a Well Structured Funnel in place, according to this legit Guru.

A funnel with:




And Backend Offers…

What this does is it immediately increases your MATH.

The more products you offer, the more opportunities you create for your customers, the more price-points you have to appeal to the wide array of buyers out there…

The More Money You Will Make!

Plain and Simple.

And one of his biggest tips of his?

“”If you don’t have this setup in your business already, LICENSE It Out…””

That’s why the beloved mttb system is so powerful:

You, for one, will discover how to properly setup a business with a mixed tier line of products.

And then, you’ll have the “”opportunity”” to become a license rights partner, which is what this guru recommends as a must if you want to be successful in this business moving forward.

You’ll literally and immediately have available right at your finger tips, a full range of products, from free, all the way up to the thousands.

And what’s better than that?

I’ll tell ya! You’ll also get with your license, access to the companies team!

This means that they will literally close lucrative deals FOR YOU. And you’ll get to pocket $1k to $9k profits per customer and up…

This is the WAY to do business in 2014-2015 and beyond.

Don’t get left behind. Get started today at a ridiculously low price:




Online home business – Welcome to the REVIEW ECONOMY!



revieweconomyThe internet is always evolving…

What worked last year in the online home business arena, most certainly, in many cases, won’t work this year.

You’ve got to stay on the cusp, the cutting-edge of what’s working and what’s not working now in order to stay ahead and thrive.

One of the big shifts that’s happened is the internet has turned into one big REVIEW ECONOMY.

“Reviews” are the backbone behind billion dollar giants like Amazon, and companies like Angie’s List, iTunes, App companies, and so on…

I know it’s the first thing I do when I go to Amazon (And I do LOVE Amazon!)…

If I’m looking at watching a movie or getting a book, the “Reviews” are one of the first things I look at.

And no matter how much I wanted to watch that movie or read that book, if the reviews are anything less than 4 or 5 stars, I likely will pass on it.

Enter the Customer Driven Economy.

Now this is great and all as a consumer. But as a producer, someone like “us” who is selling online, we want to leverage this trend as well!

And this means that we offer our online home business customers a chance to review our product, and even more importantly, we allow prospective customers a chance to SEE these reviews.

Take the top tier business system for example:

During the presentation alone, you’ll see case studies and reviews of many people that have tried the system, and are raving fans of it.

Then you can search on Facebook, enter some of the MOBE GROUPS there, and you’ll see countless hundreds and thousands of reviews from happy customers getting their first small and big commissions alike (mostly big).

If this product was on Amazon, I’d imagine that it would have a 4.7 or higher review.

And for those that IMPLEMENT on the system, they’d all be asking for a sixth star to be added so that they could give it an even higher rating.

Give the presentation a watch, and give the system a go.

There’s literally no risk to do so.

Let me know how it goes!




Industry Secrets To A Profitable “”Traffic Driven”” Online Business…



EmbracingAbundanceWant traffic that converts into lots of daily sales?

It’s no secret that traffic is the lifeblood of a true, profitable and scalable online business…

In my humble but accurate opinion, it all boils down to this:

Poor Mindset: “”How can I save more?”” Abundance Mindset: “”How can I make more?””

Let me explaineth…

If you’re all about “”saving”” money in this online business, getting all you can out of nearly nothing, you’ll struggle.

The numbers of this business won’t sink in, or, really make sense (or cents!) to you…

The top earners realize that the numbers are pure GOLD! And so should you.

Here’s what I mean.

All reputable companies have stats available to you, law of averages (LOA) you could say.

So perhaps they’ve tested and realize that it will take 40 leads to get 1 up-front sale.

And that it will take 5-7 upfront sales to get a back-end sale.

And that it will take 2-3 of the back-end sales to get an even higher ticket back-end sale.

A “”pro”” will look at these numbers and can literally set his whole business up based on this.

An “”amateur”” will look at this, buy a $100-$1,000 bucks on traffic all over the place, very half-haphazardly, and will get frustrated and give up literally when they’re 3′ from the gold.

An amateur will try to get the cheapest possible traffic that he can.

Cheap traffic is all fine and dandy, and you should look at testing and getting your traffic to a break-even price up front if at all possible.

However, a pro focuses more on his funnel and back end.

A pro realizes that “”he that spends the MOST on traffic”” wins.

And so he’s out there getting steady leads, that then goes into his funnels, that will result in regular, lucrative, and tidy commissions…

That’s one of the reasons that the mttb system is so popular and powerful:

It makes this whole process so easy, because it’s mostly done-for-you.

And, it’ll put BIG COMMISSIONS into your pockets.

Commissions like:




And beyond…

All done for you…

Check it out here:

Then, get started ASAP!

Just a side note: I mentioned Pro and Amateur in this post. Experience doesn’t dictate which one you are. Only what you DO does.

If you want to be a pro, then step up and act like a pro. Do what the pro does, and you’ll get the results that the pro does.

And that’s what I want for you.


Have a great one,


Online home business – The V.I.P. Treatment



vipDo you know what V.I.P. stands for?




Now, are V.I.P.’s more important and special than you and I are?

No, I don’t think so.

However, there are many people that “”prefer”” the V.IP. treatment.

What does this mean for you and I?

It means that in this online home business, in any business, there are is a certain number of people that are V.I.P.’s.

And you can either profit greatly from this fact, or you can pass up a literal fortune.

Because V.I.P.’s will HAPPILY pay 10X more for the velvet rope treatment.

And what is this V.I.P. treatment exactly?

It’s the “”experience””. It’s for the “”feel”” you can bring them.

For making them feel elite, special, yes, like a Very. Important. Person.

It’s why some may hail a Limo rather than a Taxi. Why they’ll book the presidential suite or honey- moon suite at a hotel rather than a standard room that’ ll do the job.

It’s why there are V.I.P. tickets at ballgames and concerts.

It’s why Disney has something called Fast Pass+ where families can skip the long lines, and get welcomed by the famous characters at the rides, plus lots of other perks that appeal to that market.

People WANT V.I.P.

And if you’re not offering this in your online home business, then nobodies happy.

Here’s the big hairy problem…

Not everybody will know how to set-up a V.I.P. experience like this.

It’s NOT easy to do.

Lot’s of creative and physical work and fulfillment is required to pull this off.


Unless, you’ve got somebody else that you’ve wisely partnered with to fulfill this V.I.P. experience to your customers.

And then you get to set back and profit handsomely from it.

Here’s the system that’ ll get you there:

This one element (providing a V.I.P. experience to a select group of your customers) is one of the biggest causes of failure for most online entrepreneurs -because they don’t offer this.

Here’s your easy quick fix solution:


Talk later,


Online Home Business – Do “”this”” first…



wastingtimeWhat’s THE most important thing that you need to be doing each day in order to grow your online home business?

What’s that critical big thing?

Here’s a big tip:

Do that thing FIRST, whatever it is!

If you put it off, even for just a little bit, it’ll be “”much”” harder to do later in the day.

Don’t let yourself start the off every day being behind the ball, even though, this is exactly what most people do.

As they say, doing this business is simple, but it’s not easy…

And this is one of those things that’s easy but it’s not. Taking the time to focus on the critical few things you need to do, and avoiding the distractions till AFTER that thing is done.

Easy but not easy at all right?

You’ll be walking on a very slippery slope when you put off what you’ve got to do each day, “”if”” you want an incredible lifestyle based online home business that will give you the freedom you no doubt desire and deserve.

So whether that thing is; writing for the first hour, testing new ad sources, buying more traffic and split-testing, creating content and products, writing emails, whatever that thing is…

Do. It. First.

That’s how you’re going to get somewhere fast.

Take the mttb system for instance: (Check it out here if you’re not familiar with this)

It’s a very simple -yet powerful- online home business model. One that you could EASILY run in just 1-2 hours a day.

That’s exactly what many of the top earners are doing. In fact, that’s what sets them apart from the ones earning a big embarrassing Zero, and those that are earning big bucks into the 5, 6, and yes… even 7 figures.

The difference is, they know exactly what they need to do in that window of time they’ve set aside for their business, and then they DO IT! Knowing that they’ll get results as long as they keep on keeping on.

Want similar results?


Leverage that first hour, and follow this simple plan:

And here’s another big tip; don’t check your email ’till after lunch, or if possible, even later in the day.

Many 6-7 figure earners teach their high-end clients and students this simple truth.

Email is a business KILLER!

Is it a tool? Sure it is. You can make a lot of money with email.

But most use it all wrong. For most, email is their master!

It doesn’t have to be this way. Just limit your time and set boundaries around checking your email each day into a small window.

And better yet, do the same thing with FB, Blogs, and anything else that’s taking up too much of your time.

You’ll be amazed at the time you’ll free up for your business, for fun shenanigans, and other things you’ve been wanting to do but haven’t found the time for. ;)




Online home business – Too OLD to earn an income online? [Think Again]



MuhammadAliWhen it comes to doing something, the harder it is to actually do it, the less likely you’ll be to do anything at all.

Simple = Better.

Many people make things waaaaay more complicated on building up a profitable online home business than they should be.

I’m sure you’ve probably seen the same. You’ve bought a course that sounded great, and even made sense.

But it’s followed by 1,001 things that you have to do first before you even have a fighting chance to make a single dollar.

To heck with that!

I want simple.

And I’m sure you do too right?

Something anybody at any skill level can do. Even if you can barely turn on your computer, there should be a way to do this online home business successfully.

That’s why I follow the MTTB System and I recommend others wanting a simple business follow this as well:

It’s an extremely simple system to follow, and you even get a coach to help you along the way when you need them.

It’s super simple mainly because it’s a very HANDS-OFF, DONE-FOR-YOU type of business.

This really give you an unfair advantage in having a sustainable and profitable business online, right out of the gate.

Think of it this way…

Would you say that stepping into the ring and fighting a boxing great like Muhammad Ali would be tough?

Yep. Downright impossible unless you’d had years of training and many skills developed.

However, would it be tough entering the ring if you were armed with a gun?

Nope! Easy peezy. You. Win. Unfair advantage.

That’s what the mttb system gives you. You jump past all of the skill building, the years of experience you’d otherwise need, and you get to go straight to the profitable stuff.

Hundreds if not thousands of people have already watched this presentation…

…And are now earning a tidy side income. And many others are pulling in nice full-time earnings.

And they’re all following the EXACT same system you’ll have in your hands in as little as a few minutes from now.




Online home business – Getting to 6-figures…



learjetWhen it comes to getting to six figures a year in your online home business, there are several ways to get there.

One way though is MUCH easier than most others!

Think of it this way…

Let’s say that you need to travel somewhere, and it’s quite urgent.

And from where you’re at right now, it’s about a 2,000 mile journey.

Now, if your health is decent, you could walk there. Yep. Wouldn’t even cost you anything but a lot of energy.

You could even pedal a bike and get there.

Slightly better, but still a very long ride.

You could drive a car there. Now you’re looking a lot better at how fast you’ll get to your destination.

But still… That’s quite a drive, even in a fast car.

Then… you’ve got a Learjet.

Now you’re getting somewhere!

You could arrive at your destination in hours.

And I think you’d agree. Taking the Jet wasn’t any harder for you to get there. It didn’t require any more effort, time, or energy.

In fact, it’s just the opposite.

This exact same phenomena happens in the online home business space as well, and the smart folks out there realize this.

(And they profit wildly from it!)

You wanna get to $100k?

The slow (and near impossible) route is by selling cheap products of $97 or less.

Getting to $100k this way is like traveling cross country on foot. It ain’t gonna be easy.

The fast way is in having high ticket offers integrated into your business with $1,000+ in profit potential, per sale.

That’s like taking the Leer Jet to $100k+ profits. You get there is 100 sales or less, not thousands.

And again, this may surprise you, but just like taking a jet rather than walking by foot to get somewhere, getting the high ticket commissions is NOT harder!!

In fact, it’s just the opposite.

Now doing it all by yourself IS hard.

And that’s why I introduce people to this unique partner program:

This will put you in line for commissions like this, but here’s the kicker, they’re DONE-FOR-YOU.

Yep. All the systems, funnels, and testing has already been taken care of.

You just plug-in and you’re up and rolling.

Obviously, this isn’t for everyone and won’t be open forever.

Give it a looksy and let me know what you think:

And if you have any questions as well, please, let me know.

I can’t promise an immediate response, but I’m here to help and will reply back as soon as I can.


Talk later,


Online business – It’s salesmanship in print, that’s it!



honestjohnThere’s a few fundamentals to doing this online business right -and most get it dead wrong…

Picture This: You’re in the market for a new car. A Benz. You know the make, the model, the color, down to the heated seats, you know every little detail that you’re looking for in the car.

So you pull into the dealership and out walks Roy, your beloved salesman for the day.

Right away, you don’t feel like you’re going to be in good hands.

Roy is pimpin’ a bright purple suit, his tie is yellow and blue, over sized, and studded with little bright flashing lights.

And as soon as you open your car door you hear his obnoxious voice. At the top of his lungs he’s telling you about all the details of the cars there.

He cares not of what you say, and keeps rambling on trying to show you one car after another.

At the end of it all, you see the car you want, you have the cash to buy, but you WON’T buy from this guy! So you head on to the car lot around the corner, or at best, you find a more suitable salesman to deal with at this lot.

On the flip side, if you were looking to get a mid-level car, say a Honda Accord, and you drive up to this car lot, you may be turned off if the salesman has slicked back hair and is donning a $5,000 suit with a Rolex to match.

In this case, it’s just too much. You’re out for a deal and you don’t get the “feeling” that you’ll be getting that here.

These two examples here can be applied very aptly to online business, and it’s where most get it all wrong.

Because online business is really nothing more than simply salesmanship in print.

So think, if my online marketing and brand were a salesman in a suit, what what I look like? What would I sound like?

Would you be like some sleazy and cheesy salesman?


Would you be perfectly appropriate for your customer? Does your marketing add value, is it helpful, does it make your prospects feel comfortable dealing with you?

Almost more like you’re not a salesman, but more of being their Trusted Advisor.

And THAT is where you want to be.

Most are out there in our marketplace screaming and pounding their chest at how great they and their product are.

None of this is needed, or, effective.

Stand out from the crowd, be that “stand-up” sales guy, and you’ll run a VERY PROFITABLE business.

Next, you’ll want to look at what type of clientele you want to attract.

Yes, you can and should attract your dream clientele and aim to repel the rest.

Some actually like the hype and hollering, but that isn’t me.

And if you’re like me, you like to work with people serious about doing this online business. People that will actually take action. They won’t pester you around the clock and expect you to do every little thing for them…

And ironically, not only is this a much easier and rewarding type of clientele to attract and business to run, but it’s MUCH more profitable as well.

And this system is where I point my target market to get their start:

And if you’re serious about running a lucrative online business that can bring you large commissions, in a very short period of time, then I’d suggest you check it out too.

If you take heed of the tips in this email today, and “pair” it with this system?

Then you’ll be well on your way to running a nice 6-7 figure business on the side, or whatever it is you are looking to achieve here.

View the presentation here:

You’ll see several case studies out of many that are doing exactly that!


Have a great one,


Online home business – When it all clicks in place…



hobbyNo matter what venture it is, there’s always a certain point where everything just CLICKS in place…

Could be after you’ve been at the job a few weeks, and now you know exactly why and what you need to be doing.

Or, you begin a new health regime with a wide array of workouts, specific foods you need to be eating and so forth.

There are many hobbies too, playing a musical instrument, painting, and so on where after tons of struggle, practice and patience, now it just clicks.

It’s near effortless for you.

This same effect can happen in your online home business.

And it most certainly WILL “”if”” you stick at it!

However, first things first…

If you’ve been struggling quite a while, you MUST change what you’re doing ASAP!

Einstein I believe was the one that said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Change usually happens when you start to ask yourself “”openly and honestly”” a set of specific questions.

Questions that point the

Questions like:

Why is it that what I’m currently doing isn’t working?

Am I REALLY being productive with my time?

Do my ACTIONS show that I’m treating this as a real online home business, or as a hobby?

When I look at what I’ve really done (created products, built a list, spent on advertising, made offers to my list…) and write it out on paper, does it show why I’ve not been successful?

Am I producing more, or consuming more?

And on the questions can go…

Only once you seriously look at the landscape you’re currently playing in, only once you give yourself a serious reality check and get real with yourself, can you see clearly what you need to do.

And then, everything will quickly CLICK into place for you.

Then, you’ll start to profit and have fun in this business.

Need help with this?

Then check out this presentation:

This system aims to help you fill in all the blanks, all the missing pieces that are holding you back from success right now.

And you’ll get access to coaches, top earners, and other member perks to help you succeed even faster.