List Building – Thinking Outside the Box

When building an email list creativity can be a huge plus. You truly need to think outside the box to get exceptional results. What techniques can you utilize to build your list that make you stand out from the masses? While most people are offering reports and eBooks as a gift for subscribing to a [...]

Using Giveaway Events to Build Your List

If used correctly using Giveaway events can be a great way to grow your list. There are two different ways to accomplish this. First you can join a Giveaway event that is being hosted by someone else. Two you can produce your own event. The advantage of the first one is that you don’t have [...]

3 Tips for Creating Emails

  As soon as you have your first list built and ready it is time to begin sending out emails to your subscribers. It is vital to stay in touch on a regular basis so that they don’t forget who you are. There are a couple of different ways you can send out emails to [...]

How Important is List Building?

  You have most likely heard myriad of marketers stressing how the money is in your list and the importance of building one. But do you really understand the value in this for your own business? The best way to describe the significance of list building is by providing you with an example. Let’s say [...]

List Building How To

It is essential for business owners today to build an active list of subscribers. This could consist in a newsletter list, a buyer’s list or a general interest list that is correlated to the business in some way. Creating a list isn’t that difficult to do. All you need is a couple of basic tools [...]

Original List Building Strategy on Social Media

So just how do you get people to join your mailing list? This is such an important question for many new marketers. Today the face of marketing is changing and people are using social media sites for almost everything. People use Facebook and Twitter to update their day with what they are doing and how [...]

Online Home Business – Creating and Using Squeeze Pages

    A squeeze page is a dedicated page that entices someone to sign up for something. This could be a webinar, a free video or a gift such as a coupon, ebook or report.  You can include any type of gift you like but it is best to offer something which is related to [...]

Online Home Business – Time Management Marketing

  The one thing that keeps most wannabe entrepreneurs from succeeding is not lack of knowledge, it’s not lack of lack of time, it’s not lack of effort, it’s not lack of money… It’s procrastination. And procrastination is just the name we give for all of the little distractions, shiny objects, trivial tasks, and FEARS [...]

Online Home Business – A Book Every Business Person Should Read.

    Peter Thiel’s Zero to One is a fantastic book. Every business person should read it. And in the chapter called “You Are Not a Lottery Ticket” he outlines a framework for understanding the actions of consumers, businesses and even nations. I’ll give you the 30,000 foot view…but this really applies to your financial [...]

Online Home Business – Is Your Workspace Holding Down Your Income?

    Stress is an unavoidable part of modern life. We live in a complex, constantly-changing world. And with the way the economy has performed recently, there’s a lot of folks stressed out about the future. But nowhere is this stress more prevalent than for middle managers and blue collar workers. Why? Because these folks [...]

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