Online home business – Seeking minimum wage commissions?



triviaTime for Lifestyle Business Pop Trivia!!

Your answers will reveal if you’ve got the chops to make it in this online home business or not.

Or, at the very minimum, you’ll greatly benefit from where I’m going here.

Let’s imagine for a moment that you’re a salesman. And you’re paid solely on commissions. (And, you like the STATUS a bit too of what exactly you are doing.)

Would you rather sell used cars such as Honda Accords, Ford Fiestas, GEO Prisms etc… for low ball commissions?

Or would you rather sell Bentleys, Benz, BMW, and Maseratis?

Which do you think would pay better? Which brings you more status?

If you were selling homes, would you prefer to sell old mobile homes, run down shacks, and lower class housing?

Or, would you like to cater to the elite wealthy? Selling luxury homes, mansions, penthouse suites?

If you were a clothier, would you rather be selling in isle 7 of Walmart, or from the Versace store on Rodeo Drive?

Which pays more? Which brings the status and pride we want in what we do?

Easy answers.

Now, there’s ZERO OFFENSE meant here for anybody that works in any of these jobs.

Hard work is hard work, and if you’re out there flipping fries, or doing whatever, I commend and applaud that.

You’re my huckleberry.

Yet, here’s my point: When people start trying to build their online home business up, it’s like they’re all trying to sell at the minimum wage level.

And it’s simply NOT NECESSARY!!

The money is in Top Tier, Elite, High Ticket Items.

Without that in this business, going through 2014 and into 2015?

You’re toast.

Thankfully there’s a solution.

This unique business model unlocks everything you REALLY need in order to grow a very profitable online home business up fast.

And it’s all based around putting big commissions into your pockets, without you having to do all of the work yourself.

It puts you in the Top Class of online marketers, and all it takes is your decision to step up to the game the big boys play and profit in.

That’s it.

You’ll be able to boost up your commissions MASSIVELY

Instead of making $27-$97 a sale in commissions, which is more than most affiliates actually pay you.

You’ll be able to make $1,000-$9,000 and higher commissions.

As you’ll see in the presentation above, this is the real deal.

It’s not just for elite marketers. It’s not just for “those type” of people.

Yes, people from ALL walks of life and ALL sorts of ages and skill levels are doing very well with this:

Check it out.

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what’s possible.

And, you’ll be even more surprised if you put this into action and you start seeing commissions like this regularly being deposited into your bank account.


Have a good one,


How to GET IN CONTROL of your online business…



stressedIs all this making money online jazz stressful for you at times?

No shame in that!

Usually though, the stress comes from lack of results.

There’s an EASY remedy for that here:

There’s also another big issue that often comes up. It’s a REEEAAALLY BIG issue!!

And figuring this out can really give you confidence AND peace of mind as you build up your profits.

Here’s the nasty issue:

Lack of Control.


Let thy explain…

It’s this “feeling” we get online that makes us believe we’re so out of control.

This comes in to play several ways.

1) We feel a lack of control when we buy product after product, and we don’t even go through the course oftentimes.

And we RARELY actually follow the course ’till we’re successful with it.

The Remedy? Stop doing that!!!!

Seriously though, find out what you really want to do, and then TURN OFF THE SWITCH on everything else, no matter how sexy it looks, no matter how much you feel like you’re missing out.

Does Donald Trump get Pissed Off if he misses a big online business product launch or WSO?

Heck no. And I’d say he’s doing just fine, even though he’s totally missing out on these “opportunities”.

The power is in the focus of ONE THING.

2) Next, lack of control is felt when you are overwhelmed and don’t think you can do it all.

And this is quite a legit issue. One that CAN be resolved though.

Here’s the thing, it takes a lot to build up a successful online business.

The moving parts of a 6-7 figure online business would boggle most minds.

And the deeper you get into this online business, especially if you’re a one man operation like most are at first, it’s just too much to take in, break down into action steps, and follow any realistic path to profits.

So here’s my question to you…

Why make it so hard?

This is the EXACT reason I teamed up with MTTB and recommend the same to my top partners:

All of the “I can’t do it”, “I’m too overwhelmed” stuff has already been taken care of!

When you don’t have to spend 3+ years building, testing, creating products and funnels, growing key relationships, going from $0 to $700, $50k, $400k, and then $1 million a month, each step full of failures and setbacks…

When you can skip all of that, and just plugin to that system somebody else built for you, the overwhelm, the loss of power, all of that disappears.

You’re EMPOWERED with clarity, focus, confidence, and you know just what you need to do in order to build your dream lifestyle.

The next step is to simply DO IT.

Here’s the first easy step you need to take:

Watch the presentation to get started.

And let me know if I can help.




Online home business – You don’t need secrets, you need THIS!



SecretsIn this online home business, you hear a LOT about “secrets” and underground methods to achieving any type success.

The truth is…

It’s all about doing specific RIGHT things, and doing them the specific RIGHT way.

This means you don’t need to know any coveted secret necessarily, but more of a KEY FORMULA is what you need.

Let’s lay it down together right now:

YOU. Do this:

Preparation: This is where it all starts.

In preparing to build up your lifestyle online home business, you need solid clarity about where you’re going and what you need to be doing DAILY.

It’s ALL about the consistency.


Proven Systems: You have to have faith in the system you’re following. Some fly-by-the-night program simply won’t cut it.

If you’re following a system RELIGIOUSLY and consistently, then you gotta believe in it right?

That’s why I recommend you follow the MTTB System:

It’s something I 150% believe in, am passionate about helping people with, and I wouldn’t be recommending it to you unless I knew without a doubt, that it changes lives…

…And it “could” just change yours too.

Moving on…

Attitude: Remember this; a bad attitude equals a bad life!

Develop the right mindset. A POSITIVE mindset. Enjoy the journey and don’t expect perfection of yourself. Remember, just stay at this steadily and you’ll make it.

Next point: Opportunity. When opportunity strikes, you better be prepared for it! Fully aligned with it.

This means you need to have specific INTENTIONS about your business and life each day. Otherwise you could miss out when the opportunity comes along.

Just like with MTTB.

If your intention is to make $10k plus a month, to quit your j-o-b, travel the world, whatever it is for you.

Then MTTB will make total, complete, no-brainer sense.

Without the intention though, you’ll miss the opportunity.

Finally, and the most important piece of the puzzle…

ACTION. Big action!!!!

Here’s one thing I often see online. Folks get all excited and pumped to start their business up, they take a little bit of “action”, see little or no results, and within weeks, days, hours even, they give up and chalk that online home business model up as a failure.

That’s not action!!

That’s like signing up for a 26.2 mile marathon, running 1 mile, and giving up because you don’t have the trophy yet.

Or, because maybe they tripped on mile 2 and screamed, “nobody can run a marathon!”, even though millions have, and again, they give up.

Doesn’t make any sense!

With your action, think LONG TERM.

I know I know… You’ve heard promises of quick cash. And hey, it “could” happen.

What I’m talking about here though isn’t about your results. I’m speaking about your MINDSET.

Think longterm. Decide now that you’ll keep chugging along. That you won’t try this for a week and then give up.

If you keep on taking action, learning from your mistakes, being SMART about things, and following the tips I’ve laid out in this email, eventually you’ll have the skills to pay the bills.

Eventually, you’ll be unstoppable.

The sooner you start, the faster you’ll get there. The more sweat you put in, the faster you’ll succeed.

And if you need a proven, reliable system to get you there ASAP?

There’s no better one than this:


Have a great day,


Online home business – Need SUPPORT?



YodaOne of the biggest things you need in this online home business industry is steady support and mentoring.

Yep. You need your personal YODA.

Usually, this is hard to come by.

It’ll either cost way too much…

…Or, you’ll be “promised” support, but after they get your money, you can’t get ANY HELP at all!!

Top Notch, INCREDIBLE SUPPORT, is one major factor in the success of so many with the mttb system, and it’s why I recommend them to you:

For one, you get your very own success coach. These coaches are meticulously chosen.

They’re the cream of the crop, top marketers themselves. Many are 6-7 figure earners.

Let that sink in:

You. Get. Your. Own. Coach!!


Next, you get access to multiple PRIVATE MEMBER GROUPS.

For instance, the main members group has over 9,000 members at the moment.

Others are even smaller, more intimate groups.

All of them are filled with incredible information.

Knowledge bombs worth thousands are being dropped in these groups daily.

And what’s better, is you have all of the top earners, coaches, staff, and other successful members right there at your finger tips.

Got a question?

Need help?


Want to share a minor or major success?

Want to know you’re headed in the right direction?

Whatever it is, this group is there for you.

It’s invaluable stuff really!!

How often is it that you can converse with the top earners in a company, and they’re willing and ready to openly help you and point you in the right direction?

Not because they’re obligated to, but because they WANT TO.

They WANT to see you succeed.

And they’re incredibly passionate about and know from personal experience that this system will get you there:

If you want world-class support that will always be there for you…

…If you want access to the best system currently on the market, which is constantly evolving and being made better…

….Then get started below:

Hope to see your introduction in the groups and I look forward to seeing your comment of your very first big commission with this system!!


Talk later,


Online home business – Why to-do lists are useless…



todolistYep. I said it…

To-do lists alone are WORTHLESS.

Yet, this is how most people try to get things done. They write down all of their “to-dos” for the day, they look at the HUGE list, get overwhelmed, and get very little if any of it actually done.

To-do lists are ineffective because it should NOT be the end all be all.

It’s STEP 1.

Here’s what you do, according to Cal Newport, one of the most productive guys out there.

Write down your to-do list, then, schedule everything in.

What this does is it FORCES you to see exactly how long it will take to do something, and, how much time YOU have to do it.

This also works well because in your mind, you’ve committed yourself to actually DOING the things in that time frame.

So for example:

9:00 Purchase 500 clicks, 100 clicks each from 5 different solo ad vendors. (2 hrs.)

11:00 Check stats and start 3 new ads on FB. ( 1 hr.)

12:00-1:30 Lunch and Exercise.

2:00 Work on new sales letter and offer. (2 hrs.)

4:00 Write and send out valuable email to list. ( 1 hr.)

5:00 Check email, head home to eat dinner with family.


Alright, you get the point right?

This is waaaaay more effective than just writing 30 things that pop up in your head and writing it out on a to-do list, hoping and praying that you at least get a few of the things knocked out.

Scheduling it in to specific times makes it real. It makes you committed to doing it.

And, it makes you confident that’ll you can reasonably get it all done.

Next, you want to set up concrete boundaries, and work from there.

Whatever it is, if you’ve got 1 hour a day to work this online home business, or 8, you fit everything you need into that time frame.

This will force you to say NO more, to weed out doing the non-essential, and just focusing in on the big needle-mover activities.

This will also allow you to actually have a life and avoid getting burned out!!

Further, don’t just plan out your day, plan out your WEEK. This doesn’t have to take long. Simply spend an hour Sunday night or early Monday morning and chart out what you want and need to get done.

And finally, focus on doing DEEP WORK, not shallow work.

Checking all emails, making non-important phone calls, looking busy just for the sake of looking busy is all shallow work.

It’s how most people work at their j-o-b-s.

It’s constantly responding to low value, time consuming things.

You DO NOT want to do this.

Do what counts. Do what makes a difference in your life and the lives of others.

Granted, all this isn’t simple, but having STRUCTURE like this in your online home business, ironic as it sounds, will give you more freedom then you’ve ever had before.

This is especially the case if your to-dos isn’t that large in the first place!!

You can accomplish this by partnering up with an online home business model that’s already proven, running, and willing to do most things FOR YOU.

Like this system here:

In essence, they’re taking care of all the big TO-DOS, and you get to just focus on a few things.

As a result, you profit handsomely, and you’re able to run a lean online home business whilst having a great lifestyle.


Hope this helps,


Online home business – big money study revealed



gritA huge study was just concluded (still many studies being done on this) on a little topic called, GRIT.

Turns out, the big difference between success and failure, is oftentimes all in the person’s attitude.

GRIT means you will persevere, you’ll be brave, you’ll have stamina, a backbone.

You’ll git’er done!!

It’s not just a term we call TOUGH people. It’s a legit skill and thing you should and can have too.

How do you get it??

Here’s a few tips pulled from this study:

1) Set A Goal.

Goal setting is essential. Don’t obsess over the difficulty of it all. If it’s important to you, you’ll get it done.

Set your goal clearly in your sites, make it meaningful, and then get at it!

2) Practice, practice, practice.

This is a big one. It tells us that success is NOT about raw talent. It’s about raw practice!!

You’ve got to take imperfect massive action, especially in this online home business industry, and this will involve frustration, failure, concentration, and getting expert feedback…

Which is why it’s so cool and soooo important that you have a coach in your online home business, like with this system:

3) Be Optimistic.

A person with grit will experience a setback, and instead of getting mad and wanting to give up, he thinks, hey, if he does just a little bit more next time, it’ll put him over the hump!

And, he doesn’t blame others. Whether at fault or not, he usually blames himself, learns his lesson, and positively moves forward.

4) Expect Difficulty.

Wishful thinking (like, “everything will go smoothly”) is just that, wishful thinking.

Expect obstacles, PLAN FOR THEM, know that they’re coming.

And know this, busting through them is quite satisfying and will put you in the top 10% of the worlds wealthy!!

5) Don’t Become Distracted.

We live in a “culture of distraction”, says internet entrepreneur Joe Kraus.

An average teenager these days receives 3,300 texts a month. (CrAzY!!!!)

And you probably get this many marketing emails a month too, right!?

Getting distracted is the NORM.

So… DON’T get distracted. Recognize this as a difficulty (See point #4), and plan for it. FOCUS.

Adhere to these 5 tips and you’ll be well on your way to gaining more GRIT.

And this will result in massive improvements into your life and online home business.

Speaking of improvements in your business, have you started with the mttb system yet?

It’s the BEST business to focus and apply these 5 points with.

And this is because it will couple your new found grit with something called LEVERAGE.

Just a little bit of grit will go a loooong way in this specific online home business model.

All because of what we call Top Tier profits.

What’s even better is that your coach will earn ommissions from $1k to $9k FOR YOU.

Yep. They do the heavy, really gritty lifting, and you get the bulk of the rewards.

Check out the presentation here for more details:


Talk soon,


Online home business – Are you struggling???



egodepletionAre you making $4,000.00 or more a month with your online home business yet? (Or $10k+ a month for that matter.)

To hit that level is the hardest AND easiest thing you’ll ever have to do.

Why do I say this?

Because, getting to sale #1. That first $1.00.

THAT’S what’s hard.

Once you get that first buck, you simply do more of what worked the first time, scale up, and your profits will soar as a result.

Of course, there’s a “bit” more to it than that, but that’s it in a nutshell.

Here’s where the problem comes in, both in getting to that first dollar, and, in getting to that first thousand dollars and beyond.

Getting to those j-o-b killing numbers…


Ego Depletion basically comes from the thought that self-control or willpower draws from a limited supply of resources that can be used up.

Then, your mental activity is low, your self-control is greatly impaired, thus ego depletion.

And what I’m really boiling down to hear is our HABITS.

Most people’s habits online plain out suck!!!!

One of the big culprits is web surfing.

Many students and others I’ve helped online routinely each day jump from FB to YT to their email and favorite blogs almost on AUTOPILOT.

And they wonder why they’re not profitable or growing their online home business fast enough.

Want to REALLY grow a profitable online home business super-duper fast online??

I mean, really fast!!!!?

Then heed this advice:


It’s hard at first. Possibly VERY HARD.

Yet, after that, it’s freeing. It’s amazing.

And you’ll get soooooo much more work done.

I mean, would you rather watch cat videos all day long and “like” friends comments whom you really don’t even know, or, would you like to change your life?…

…To live a life of freedom?

Just try this out before becoming judgmental here. That’s the best thing you can do. JUST TRY IT.

Worst case, do this:

Do the most important things you need to do in the day FIRST. (Or, ALL the things you need to accomplish.)

And then, you can do a bit of checking the non-essential stuff during a small window of time much later in the day.

Nothing is going to get done in your business unless you do the little daily essentials.

And namely, if you’re following this model:

You need to be focusing on steadily growing your list, day in and out.

This doesn’t take much time AT ALL.

However, you DO need to get it done.

Don’t wait till your willpower is depleted to do this.

Do it FIRST, and then you can catch up on the other things, or, just forget it completely and do something awesome with that time.


Have a great day,


Online home business – Ex Apple employees reveal secret…



EvilAppleApple employee asking to be promoted to manager:

Boss: “Did you get a good sleep last night?” Employee: “Yes, pretty good!”

Boss: “Good, because that’s the LAST good night’s sleep you’re going to get.”

Here’s how work typically goes for an Apple employee, according to two former head honchos there.

And, the HIGHER you are up the ladder, the more you must work.

*Works Sundays, late.

*Gets only 3-4 hours of sleep per night.

*Aggravated if sends email out at 1 am and quick reply isn’t sent back by employee.

*Always has to be ON.

*All vacations must answer calls and respond to emails right away…

Here’s the thing, these people most all LOVE what they do.

They’re workaholics.

Psychotic, brilliant people, according to these guys.

This same type of mentality and “work ethic” can very easily happen in our online home businesses as well.

This internet business is FUN!! And oftentimes, it doesn’t feel like work.

It reminds me of famous adman Claude Hopkins.

He was making millions from his advertising way back when making millions was a LOT of money. (It’s still not a bad number to hit right?!)

Part of his success he accredits not at all to talent, but that he worked twice as much as anybody else.

7 days a week. Past midnight nearly every night.

It. Was. His. Life.

Here’s my tip:

Don’t let that be you!!

Life isn’t just about work and being on the top.

It’s also about family, friends, actually HAVING A LIFE outside of work.

Of course I’m not one to judge or tell you how to live your life, these are just my thoughts.

But the more you become successful online, the easier it can be to want to get to 6 figures, then 7 figures, then 8, and before you know it, it CONSUMES your every thought and action.

So thinking this stuff out now, can help you to maintain balance in your life and keep what’s important, IMPORTANT.

Now, you see me talking here in past tense a bit, like without a doubt, you will be wildly successful in this online home business.

And that’s because I’m 100% confident that ‘if’ you follow this system, just like I do, then you WILL be successful.

Follow the steps.

If you want to work 24/7, around the clock? Fine. You’ll likely be 2-3 times more successful, 2-3 times faster.

This isn’t always bad, especially in the “Launch Phase” of your online home business. It’s actually quite important to bust a move and get knowledgeable and profitable ASAP.

But after that, know when to turn back the knob a bit and take the time to enjoy your new found success.


Remember WHY you’re getting into this business in the first place.

If it’s just to make millions, cool. You can definitely do that.

But if it’s for the lifestyle, to provide for your family AND do amazing things, then keep that lifestyle target in mind as you continue to grow in your profits.




Online home business – How do you know who to TRUST?



trustFrom marketing to politics and government, to global climate and everything else under the sun, there’s always some “expert” on that subject.

I can GUARANTEE you that if Google or FB released some new feature (think G+, FB Ads, Twitter PPC etc.), there will be some expert within DAYS teaching you how to profit and
use it.

Can you really be an expert in DAYS?

Well, the term expert is relative from one guy to the next, but the easy answer is NO.

With this mass influx of “experts”, it’s led to a massive, global distrust of these so-called pros that we can trust and rely on.

And it’s even worse in our little online marketing and online home business community.

ANYONE can write a book or release a course within hours or days.

Then, the perceived thought is, well, that they’re an EXPERT!!

How do we get around this?

How do we know who to trust?


We look past the surface. We need to look at the FACTS.

Words are cheap, appearances mean very little. SHOW ME the proof.

That’s where it’s at.

Of course, the best way is to simply do something and prove it for yourself.

This is one of the reasons I like to recommend the mttb system to my select friends.

You can completely do all of your own due diligence, and getting a coach and started with the system is EXTREMELY cheap.

Once you’re inside of your members area, you’ll receive solid proof that what you’re getting asked to do, indeed makes sense, and WILL WORK for you.

Watching this presentation:

You’ll see case studies of people from all walks of life, making their first small commission, their first $1k, and… their first million with this exact system that you now have access to.

‘Tis awesome.


Catch ya later,


Online home business – Pair this 5 step system with this and CRUSH IT!






Today, I want to briefly outline a simple 5 step formula for success, plus the ONE KEY INGREDIENT.

This one key ingredient is one that most people miss. And, it’s the one the gurus almost never talk about. (‘Tis very hush hush…)

The 5 Step Formula For Success:



STEP 1: Offer a free gift. The free gift should be VALUABLE. Doesn’t have to be big, in fact quite the opposite.

Yet, the person should feel like they just got $97 or more in value out of it. It should help solve a problem they have, or, it should give them something they want and will use.

Do a little brainstorming and market research.

It’s not hard, you just gotta do it.

STEP 2: People will enter their email address to get the free gift.

Here, all you have to do is GIVE IT TO THEM!* Don’t make them jump through a bunch of hoops. Simply give them what you said you would right away. Easy.

*Providing an unannounced bonus as well, is always something your new members will appreciate.

STEP 3: Deliver Valuable Email Newsletters.

At this point, you’ve provided them with something great, and here you keep on stacking up the VALUE.

You simply send out entertaining, valuable, non-spammy emails every day or so.

Over time, these people will begin to know, like, and trust you more and more.

STEP 4: Recommend Products and Services that solve their big problems.

These may be products or opportunities you’ve used or are using. It may be something that you KNOW is what this person needs and wants.

They trust you, so your ‘honest’ recommendation will go a LONG WAY here. Screw them here by just trying to make a quick buck and you can kiss that customer goodbye.

And at this point, it’s not pushy or spammy at all. You’re simply recommending something from the position of their trusted adviser. They’ll appreciate you doing this as long as you’re on the up and up and do it right.

STEP 5: Rinse and Repeat!

You keep solving their problems, serving them, and providing amazing value. Never stop doing this. EVER.

Now, that doesn’t seem too difficult to do, right?

And the truth is, it’s NOT!!

Don’t make this online home business any harder than it needs to be.

Of course, you do want to have the right support structure in place for you to profit handsomely as well.

And, you want the right structure to offer the highest form of value for your tribe of leads and customers that will be on this list.

That’s what MTTB is about:

If you’ll pair the simple steps I’ve outlined above with the system in the link, then you’ll have a VERY lucrative, easy, and fun to run business on your hands.

The two go together like bread and butter, ebony and ivory, peanut butter and jelly…

…Uhm, by now, you get what I’m sayin’!




Online home business – THIS is Luxury…



luxurySelling product online isn’t just selling/delivering a product, or, service for that matter.

It’s also about selling/delivering the EXPERIENCE.

Giving a person a sense of status and exclusivity. And yes, making them FEEL that they’re even better than their “lower paying” counterparts.

Take for instance the experience that Singapore Flights gives it’s Suite Class passengers:

The room you get on this flight is described as “Private cabins that cocoon you in your own little lap of luxury.”

And that’s exactly what you get.

The interior is designed by a French luxury yacht designer.

Your chair is stitched in Italian leather.

Stressing check-in at the airport?

Forget about it! You get your own stress-free VIP entrance. You don’t even get your bags weighed in.

Because you’re better than First Class.

*Your own bellhop? Check.

*Golden Ticket? Check.

*Pass to “The Private Room”? Check.

*Best food on the planet? Check.

*Everybody knows you by name? Check.

*Don Perignon? Check.

*Givenchy blankets, pillows, pajamas and slippers? Check.

*Jamaican Blue-Mountain Coffee ($120 lb.) Check.

*Private Movie experience with BOSE headphones? CHECK!

*The list of luxury goes on and on…

(If you want a full review of the experience, check this link out after you finish this post:)


It’s true, you could get a flight going to the exact same spot for probably $2-3k.

As a suite class member, you’ll be shelling out nearly $20k.

So why do people book these flights like clockwork at a seemingly exorbitant cost?


Now you may be saying to yourself, “That’s just not me!”.

Maybe that’s true, maybe not.

But what we want to look at is the viewpoint of your customer, not YOU.

And there are always a set number of your customers that crave, want, and are looking for ‘the experience’.

And if you’re not giving it to them, you’re losing a lot of cash.

Imagine, just 1 out of every 10 of your customers (it’ll be more than that) that spend, say $97 bucks with your online home business…

…And they choose your more top notch program or service for $2k to $26k and up.

Would something like this change your online home business? Would it change your life?

What if 3 out of 10 joined your Top Tier opportunities? Again, would that change your life?

You better believe it will.

And that’s what MTTB is about.

My Top Tier Business helps you attract the elite. It unlocks the opportunity to lucrative commissions sold FOR YOU.

This results in your own little version of Singapore Flights Suite Class.

Join the system, interact with the other new and successful members in the groups, and start getting your own lucrative commissions right away.




Online home business – How to make everyone HAPPY




Comedian Jerry Seinfeld recently won a CLIO Award.It’s a prestigious award given out to those in the world of advertising, which is where Seinfeld got his start.

In his brief Thank You speech, he lays down some SERIOUS insights into the psyche of a buyer.

He starts off by saying that he loves advertising because he loves lying. (He’s only half serious here, remember, he’s a comedian!)

What he’s really saying here and goes on to say is that in advertising, everything is sold as the way you WISH it was.

And that people like that.

It’s the ‘feeling’ people get that they love so much.

It’s the feeling they get between the gap of seeing the advertisement and owning the thing they’re about to buy that makes them feel so happy.

That’s ALL that 90% of people want.

“”Tell me it’s great, I don’t have to be happy all the time, just give me this brief moment of happiness.”

That’s where most people are, whether they realize it or not.

And if YOU realize this, it can totally transform your marketing and online home business.

**Cough** Give people what they want! **Cough**

Paint the picture of what’s possible (It really is if they take action), make them overjoyed, give them the amazing feeling of the purchase.

And as Seinfeld revealed. This alone will make 90% of your customers and list happy.

(This is also by the way why you see serial buyers, they buy how-to products day in and out for the feeling, the experience of “what’s possible”. It’s like crack to them.)

But, what if we could take it a step further than that?

What if we could actually deliver on the experience?

Now, only a set percentage of the market will stand up and use what you give them, whether it be an info-product or a set of P90X workouts, etc…

But that’s not your fault. You want to simply help those that WANT to change their lives.

You want to give them that HAPPY experience when they buy, after they buy, and for years to come.

That’s how you create a 6-7 figure business, and it’s how you have wonderful friendships…

…And, it’s how you change lives, yes, even yours.

You just don’t give them the happy feeling of buying. You support, guide, and deliver on what you say.

Crazy thought, huh…?

If you need a system and WORLD to do this in, then watch this brief presentation and decide to get started as soon as you possibly can.

Here’s to being happy, happy, happy! ;)




Online home business – Very valuable business strategy



free-cinnabon-roll-300x218The guys over at Cinnabon can reveal to us some VERY VALUABLE business strategies.

Things that can put serious dough (the non fattening kinds) into our pockets.

Firstly, look at Cinnabon and where they pick their locations.

Most every other food store is ‘within’ the Food Court.

Not Cinnabon.

They’re located far from it!

What does this do?

It allows the fresh, piping hot aroma of buttery bread, sugar and cinnamon to float through the halls and into the stores.

There’s NO OTHER scent for your ‘smeller’ to compete with. This creates a near irresistible urge that goes straight to your brain and BEGS you to go buy something from them.

If you’ve got these stores in your local mall, then you’ve no doubt experienced this. Either way, it works like crazy!

Our lesson?

For one, are you marketing LIKE everyone else, and WHERE everyone else is?

If so, then you’re missing out on some big opportunities!!

How can you make your online home business the only scent in the biz? Well, you’ve got to learn to think outside of the box a bit. Maybe even get in an entirely different box and think outside of that one!

What do I mean?

Think about this, how many people do you think wouldn’t mind making extra income on the side?

Is it JUST opportunity seekers, IM’ers, Warrior Forum members, Network Marketers and so forth?

Nope, not by a long shot!

Put it this way, there are very few people that wouldn’t mind a few thousand extra g’s in their pockets at the end of each month, or more…

So what I’m saying is to niche out of the normal industries that you may be trying to sell in right now. Get out of the food court!

Could you try to market with the angle of side money for service men like plumbers, electricians, and carpenters?

How about hair stylist’s wanting to earn an extra 2-4k a month part-time?

How about seasonal workers like pool installers, accountants, teachers, lawn-care, etc… that may want to make more in their off months than they make in their normal working season?

Could you set-up little mini-sequences for a few of these and then move them into your main online home business funnel?

Marketing in this sense, you’re like Cinnabon.

Yes, yes, and yes. YOU CAN. And I hope you do.

Because how many other business opportunities are they catching the ‘scent’ of? Likely none. At least not how you’ll be doing it.

There’s some killer ideas here. Think outside of the box. Stand apart from everyone else. Separate yourself from the others in the ways outlined above, and in other ways which you can think of by just brainstorming a bit.

DO THIS, and you’ll have a very, VERY profitable online home business on your hands. And, you’ll have the satisfaction of helping these people make a nice side-income, or even career changing income that they wouldn’t have came across otherwise.

Of course, you DO need to make sure your business is pre-built, streamlined, and ready to actually make you the profits when you start attracting these new people into your marketing funnels.

That’s what this intelligent business system does for you:

Problem. Solved.

It’s a true done-for-you profit system.

It’s even so “hands-off” that THE TEAM will close big, lucrative deals for you and you get from $1k-$9k and up commissions!

Check it out.


Gotta run,


Online home business – Monkey see, monkey do not do?



seedoHe “used” to be a great swimmer. Could’ve been a champion.Then, life hit him. He discovered beer. He became a drunk.

He knew he could do better. That he could BE better. But still, the busyness of work, life, and over-drinking made that tough.

Then one day it happened…

He wakes up early in the morning, deep in a drunken stupor, but still having to get ready to go to his job as a lawyer.

And his roommate and some of his friends energetically come strolling in.

He says to them “You guys getting ready to go out on a ride!”

His roommate replies back, “No mate, we just FINISHED a 90 miler!”

The shame hit him. Here he was wasting his life away, and others are riding their bikes 90 miles before he even slogs his way out of bed.

To put it lightly, he eventually got his butt into gear and went on to complete 5 full Ironman Triathlons in Hawaii in 6 days. That’s what we call CRAZY FIT!

Now, he’s been on the 25 fittest men on earth list.

And it started with that one shameful moment.

This made me think… MANY people get a similar reaction to this online home business.

They see other online entrepreneurs crushing it. Making 5, 6, 7, figures a month.

They see other people taking action on products and becoming case studies. They see the ‘NEW’ lifestyle that their online home business now affords them.

And the shame hits them.

Why aren’t THEY doing this?

Why aren’t THEY taking action?

Why isn’t THEIR butt in full gear?

Now from here, some get really bitter, they bad mouth the gurus and the industry.

They blame anything and anyone they can. And they give up. Back to the mediocrity of life. (There’s still always this regret in the back of their head that they should have given this a real shot.)

Then there is the other rare bird. The one like in the story above.

The one that is sick and tired of not doing what they were built and meant to do. To live and be a life of greatness and purpose!

If you’re one of those ‘Rare Birds’ that is ready to step up their game, then why not get started with the mttb system?

This free presentation will reveal to you a powerful model that will take your business and life right where you want it to be.

But I’ll warn you. If you’re not serious and ready to change your life and step up your game, DO NOT watch the presentation.

Likely it’ll just make the shame worse. And, I only want to attract serious peeps into this online home business.

I want to see lives change.

It ain’t about the quick buck for me.

Again, if you’re ready, watch this:

And let’s get you moving towards where you want to be in your online home business and life.


Have a great day,


Online Home business – Feelin’ The Heat!



sethgodinSeth Godin has written more books than you can shake a literary stick at.

He’s launched more businesses and projects than you could count.

In short, he’s somebody you want to follow, and to take great stock in what he says!

Like his recent “feeling the heat” email.

It’s short, but vewwwwwy powerful…

Basically, he talks about the dicey moments we all have in our online home business and life.

And when these dicey moments occur, you’ll notice that some people really start to feel the heat.

They’re affected deeply by it. Stressed. They may just give up.

And at the same time, you’ll see others that are just fine.

They’re doing their work.

Completely unfazed by it all.

What does this tell us?

Ye olde Godin says it nicely: “It’s not actually the heat that is the issue. It’s the feeling.”

It’s all about how we PROCESS what’s happening to us!

And without a doubt, things WILL get dicey at times in this online home business. In any business.

How you handle that moment when it comes will make all the difference in the world between your success or your giving up and ultimately failing.

I often point you to a powerful system because it’s working time and time again for people from all walks of life:

But here’s the thing. Things will still get dicey, even in this online home business. Easy as it is.

You’re learning new skills, stretching yourself to new boundaries, and yes, even making more money than you ever have before can bring its own challenges.

But will you stick through it? Is it worth it all? (YES!!)

Will you view those dicey moments as valuable learning experiences rather than failures?

Will YOU continue on unfazed?

I hope so!!!!

Just remember this: Everybody feels the heat. No one is immune to it. We all have similar challenges and “moments” in this business where things go haywire.

It’s all in how you process it.

Live. Learn. Love. And Move Forward!!




Online Home business – 5 Ways To Get Your First Sale Online!



morningcoffee6 am.

I wake up.

Slip out of my covers.

And in to the kitchen I go.

If you’re like me, you can’t function without coffee.

You fill your coffee maker with water, add the grounds, and the result is a piping hot and fresh cup of coffee to start your day with.

Simple, step by step directions. Reliable and consistently tasty coffee, every day.

Now here’s the question:

Does running a profitable online home business have to be so much harder than this?

Although there’s a “bit” more to it, that’s what you want to be shooting for.

A simple, easy to follow daily recipe for success!. Something that you can do like clockwork, day in and day out.

Here’s 5 ways to accomplish this PLUS a big bonus tip.

1) Get clear on your goals and plans. Without clarity, knowing exactly what you want, and having a general plan to get there, you’ll never succeed.

This includes getting your MIND right too!

You’ve got to tell yourself that you’ll feel the resistance to take action. Even with a great opportunity, you’ll have this pulling urge to just let it sit on your lap.

Know this in advance, know it’ll be uncomfortable, and get your mind right. Have the mindset that you’ll act regardless. That fear and resistance will always be the first step to your success each day.

(Truly, foreseeing and planning on what will occur in the future is POWER. Look out for an email from me in a few days on this. It’ll be the Stoic one.)

2) Have a system to follow with something awesome to sell.

You can follow the MTTB System, proven and guaranteed to work. Or, if you’ve got something already, cool. Just keep reading then:

(Just make sure its profit potential is big like with mttb. You need big sales opportunities to make big money in this biz. That’s a straight up fact.)

3) Drive traffic to your links.

MTTB reveals to you exactly how to do this. Without steady and regular traffic going into your online home business, you have no business.

The good news is, it’s not hard to do this. Traffic isn’t the issue. Ever. *See number 5.

4) Offer an irresistible offer to your leads. This isn’t completely necessary, but it certainly will give you a big leg up over the competition.

What do your leads want? What do they need?

Give them that. They give you $1.00. You give $100.00 back of value in return.

5) Ascend your customers. This is where the big bucks come in for you. It’s where you take a $7.00 customer and turn them into a $27,000 customer.

So instead of offering $700 of value to a $7.00 customer (see point 4), you now offer $270,000 of value to a $27,000 customer!

Alright, I’m throwing a lot of numbers here and you might be thinking, “how the heck can I add that much value to somebody!”

Fear ye not. I’ve got the solution.

You Let Somebody Else Do It:

That’s the beauty of having a multi-million dollar global company like MOBE in your corner. Which brings me to the big bonus tip.


We talked about coffee a sec ago. When we make coffee at our home, we’re getting that fresh cup of Joe with minimum effort.

All of the hard work has already been done FOR US.

We didn’t have to fly to Columbia or Costa Rica, grow the bean, harvest, roast, and grind it before we could start brewing and enjoying a cup.

No, we just grab a bag from the store or even get it already brewed hot from somewhere like Starbucks.

That’s much how the mttb system works.

This is especially important with regards of running a SIMPLE business, and following the ascension model.

With mttb, it’s built-in to the opportunity. The company and system works on your behalf.

And this can result in $1,000-$9,000 commissions and higher.

Watch the presentation, or read the letter if you prefer.

And if you like, watch it while you enjoy a fresh cup of coffee! ;)

Anyways I hope today’s tips helps you out in some way.


Have a great day!


Online Home business – The Great Alibaba!



jackmaJack Ma is the founder of the incredible successful website Alibaba.

When he came up with the crazy idea to start up Alibaba, he invited 24 people to his house where he’d discuss with them his online business opportunity.

23 basically told him that he was crazy.

1 told him to go for it and that if it failed, he could always revert back to what he’d been doing.

He did it anyways. And today most of his friends are just getting by. He’s a billionaire.

4 Reasons Why Jack Ma Says Most People Miss Out On Opportunities:

1) They’re myopic, or shortsighted to opportunity.

2) They look down on opportunities.

3) They lack understanding.

4) They fail to act quickly enough.

He wrote a very good article recently that you can easily find by searching his name. Check it out if you get a chance.

But one BIG KEY that he revealed in the article is this:

You Need Ambition.

The more of it you have, the better.

There’s nothing wrong with just getting by in life IF that’s what makes you happy.

But if you want more, if you want better for yourself and your family, then you’ve got to take that desire and make it happen.

You’ve got to get TRUE AMBITION and drive and do what it takes come hell or high-water to achieve your goals in your online home business.

You deserve that. And so does your loved ones.

Looking at the four reasons Jack outlined why people don’t succeed, I thought about the beauty of this system:

When you look at the mttb system, you’ll see that it’s built with your short and longterm goals in mind.

It’s a legit online home business that you can be proud to promote and build a 6-7 figure business around.

You get a coach and powerful system to help you understand and quickly profit.

And the systems near done for you so it’s very easy to get started fast, yes, right away.

People may call you crazy, just as they did Jack. But they’re not laughing now that he’s a billionaire.

They’re regretting they didn’t do something themselves. And the same it is with you.

There will always be haters, who are really just unhappy with THEIR lives, so they have to take it out on somebody else.

And who better than to pick on someone doing something great with their lives. Something they won’t man up and do themselves.

Anyways, hopefully you’ve got an incredible support system. If not though, don’t worry. You can still totally do this.

And, you’ll get an incredible support system that you’ll need within the mttb system.

The next step is to simply get started on this incredible online home business opportunity that’s transforming lives.




Internet Marketing – Learn from a stoic marketer



stoicHave you performed a pre-mortem for your internet marketing business yet?

If not, you MUST!!

What is “running a pre-mortem”, you ask?

Well, the ancient stoics had a very good word for it. They called it premeditatio malorum, which literally means, a premeditation of evils.

This means that you envision and think about what could possibly go wrong BEFORE you launch your business.

Fortune 500 companies and the top brands on the planet use this method to find various mistakes, to prepare for what would have otherwise been a very “unpleasant surprise” if they didn’t go through this process before the fact.

Not only can you do this for you online business, it will save you a lot of time, money and heartache, and it will also help you keep your sanity!

It’ll help you to stay on the right track to success.

It’s a simple process that you can do in a few hours, and that you can periodically do along your internet marketing journey.

The important thing is that you Do It.

For example, if you’re building a website, you may foresee that you’ll run into certain tech issues, delays, or that you have no design skills and will have to hire somebody for xyz and so forth.

If you’re wanting to become a super-affiliate, you’ll need to find an offer that converts. And you may foresee that you likely won’t get a home run on your first swing.

You foresee testing 20-30 ad variations, different market angles, multiple free lead offers BEFORE it becomes ultra profitable to the point you can scale that business up.

If you foresee all of this beforehand, you’re sitting in a position of power.

If you don’t do this, you’ll get frustrated around every turn and corner.

And frustration can end in giving up. And we ain’t got no time for that!!

Wanna know something very interesting??

When somebody truly foresees what it takes to make it in this internet marketing business from A-Z, they get very overwhelmed and disheartened oftentimes.

This is because there is so much required for you to do!


Unless you are given a system, a proven business that works, without you having to do it all yourself.

That’s the key.

Remove most of the setbacks and headaches points totally instead of just “expecting” them!

Whatever you decide to do, take the time to go through this process yourself.

It’ll be WELL WORTH the effort.

And if you’re serious about this internet marketing business, you’ll watch the presentation above and see what an awesome opportunity you have in front of you right now.


Talk later,


Online home business – Do this one thing today…



marathonToday I want to encourage you to do this:



One simple thing to move your online home business forward. To move you one step closer to your dream lifestyle.

I don’t even care if it just takes 5 minutes to do. If you’ve been putting things off, now’s the time to take a stand and get it done.

Here’s the reason I want you to do this:

It could be the thing that pushes you over the edge into success!

That one small act can trigger much bigger acts as a result.

Tons of studies and research proves this.

In fact, many people now are developing “habit plans”.

And I urge you to do this as well!

For example, let’s say that you have a goal to lose weight.

You need a trigger, and, a habit plan.

So you decide to set your alarm clock at a spot where you have to get out of bed to go turn it off.

Perhaps you’ve put the alarm inside of or nearby your running shoes.

And the night before, you went to sleep in your running clothes.

The alarm is the trigger. Now you’re up. All you have to do is slip on your shoes, get out the door and run.

And again, the effects multiply from there in a way that you can’t even imagine.

I know of a woman whose husband left her. She was devastated, depressed, and lost.

As a result she turned to very bad habits for a while that wasn’t “her”.

So, she wanted to quit smoking. Instead of smoking, she went for runs.

She started to enjoy runs so much that she decided to run a marathon. (Now she’s fit like crazy!)

She meets a great new guy at a marathon. Her confidence is now soaring, and she get’s a huge promotion at work.

One small action, running instead of smoking, and it transformed her life.

That’s what one small act can do for you too.

Of course, like this lady, you don’t want to just stop there.

You want to be consistent. And you want to keep the ball rolling once you start. And it’ll come MUCH easier when you set up triggers and a personal habit plan.

Today, do something for yourself that’s truly productive. Not watching, reading, or soaking in info. But actually DOING something in your online home business!

And then, when you’re ready to take things to the next level, go here:

Hope you get some new found joy, confidence, and success after your small action today!!


Catch ya later,


Online home business – Yet to make $1.00??



selfawarenessIt seems like there are 1,001 things you have to learn in order to make your first dollar in this online home business, doesn’t it?

Even though it’s true that there are a LOT of moving parts to this business, it in NO WAY means that you have to learn or do it all yourself.

However, you do have to learn a few things, of course.

Here’s one of the most important things you’ll need in this online home business if you want to make ye olde cashola…

Ironically enough, it’s something that is almost never talked about.

And you can’t buy it.

It’s this:


Knowledge is great, but it’s the first step. It’s NOT where the dough is.

of what you now need to do. It’s the light that shows us something we didn’t know about or see before.

Yet, it’s the experience that counts.

And you can only get it by taking action, doing, implementing what you discover in the courses and books you have wisely invested in.

Most of the unsuccessful have “book knowledge”, but they lack experience. Hence their low or NO commissions.

Many of the gurus and top earners aren’t always the sharpest tools in the shed. They don’t know every little new trend and plugin and shiny object that’s released.

But… they have experience.

And that’s why they make the big bucks!

They know exactly what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. Then, they hustle and make sure it gets done.

This next month, spend more time doing instead of learning, and you’ll start to gain the necessary experience you’ll need.

What didn’t click before will now click.

What failed you before will now start to work.

And before you know it, making a fantastic income in this online home business will be come easily for you. It’ll be natural for you.

You’ll know 100% exactly how and what you need to do so you can hit all of your income and lifestyle targets. (YES!!)

And the good news is, you can start at whatever spot you’re at right now!

Start taking REAL action. Then the experience and results WILL come.

Now we’ve discussed getting experience. Then, there’s WISDOM.

Wisdom is getting your coveted experience by following a system that WILL get you results. A system like this:

1. Follow the easy steps.

2. Gain valuable experience and skills FAST!

3. Make massive amounts of cash. Forever.

(Just like countless members are right now. Case studies in this presentation included )