Online Business – How to learn from the best to make more $$…



funnyrobbinsTony Robbins said these powerful words: “”Quality questions create a quality life. Successful people ask better questions. And as a result, they get better answers.””

There is such a thing as DUMB QUESTIONS.

And, there is such a thing as people being afraid to ask certain questions, in fear that it will make them look bad.

For Example:

People are really struggling with their online business…

But they ask a different question, a surface question. They hold back.

And mainly, it’s just to protect their EGO.


We all like to look like we know what we’re doing right?

But this can greatly inhibit us in getting the help that we really need in our online business.

Can we make ourselves more Vulnerable?

A lot of times, we want to ask people who are where we want to be, what ACTIONS they took to get there.

When rather, we should be asking about the “”thoughts”” behind the actions that got them there.

And there’s the key.

Copying actions doesn’t guarantee the same results.

You gotta find out what the thoughts and actions behind it all were too.

And then, model that.

Their Behavior.

Whenever you have a chance to ask somebody these things, remember, it’s not all about all the little step-by-step, technical stuff…

What are their rituals, their habits, and their thoughts that enabled them to hit these goals?

That’s where the power will be for you to tap in to.

For instance, take the mttb system for example:

This online business system works like crazy. That’s a proven fact.

But how are people from all walks of life succeeding with this?

What mindset and habits are separating the top 10 earners from the lowest earners, even though they’ve got the same system to work with?

That’s what’s even cooler about this specific program:

You not only get the system, but you get a coach, and you get access to HIGHLY INTERACTIVE live groups on FB, where you can chat and get training and advice from the top earners.

Hop on in here right now, you won’t regret it.




Internet marketing strategies – How To Get High % Opt-Ins…



drinkingdeerSo, if you’re serious about internet marketing and making money online, you realize that having a squeeze page is essential.

(What’s a squeeze page? It’s where you have just one option on the page. Usually an opt-in form where people can get more information that you’ve promised them by entering their email.)

But you don’t want just a “”squeeze page””. You can have one of those up within 5 minutes from now.

You want a HIGH CONVERTING squeeze page. One that get’s you opt-ins and sales!

So the question is:

“”How do I create my squeeze page to get me the desired results I’m looking for?””

“”How can my squeeze page result in daily sales?””

To hand you the answer here, realize that it doesn’t take a degree in rocket science to get this right.

However, there is a certain right “”WAY”” to do it.

And most get this totally wrong.

I’ve seen some terrible pages out there!!!!

Most of the time, a squeeze page that get’s bad results is because it’s too busy, it’s not clear enough, or it’s too hyped up looking.

So what do we do?

1) Figure out what people in your target market really want. What are their pains and problems. What solution are they needing? What shortcuts can you offer to them?

2) You create the page.

The best way to do this is explained very well by a well known marketer, Daegan Smith.

He’s known as the king of solo ads, the prince of profits, something like that…

Either way, he knows his stuff! ;)

He recommends the “”thirsty deer”” technique.

Imagine a thirsty deer, and it sees an open meadow, and a beautiful creek ahead of him.

If everything looks great, he’ll hop on down to the creek and start sipping up some water.

However, what if he spots a hunter with an orange vest on?

What if he sees a truck down by the creek?

What if he smells human odor nearby the creek?

A deer is VERY skittish.

So if anything is off kilter there, he’ll flee.

He’ll move on to find water somewhere else!

The same thing applies to our squeeze pages.

People are very skittish.

And they’ll be more and more so over the years in handing out things like their emails to strangers.

So busy graphics, fancy elements, anything that looks like it’s not satisfying “”THEIR”” needs, they’ll be like that deer. Poof! Gone.

So the key?

Keep it simple.

You can split test things of course, but usually the best plan of attack here is to keep it simple. Not a lot of fancy spancy stuff.

Just tell ‘em what you’ve got, and allow them to put in their email to get it.

Don’t add things in that will scare people off.

That’s the key.

Of course, after that is the next critical step.

A converting OFFER.

Going from opt-in, to sale, to big profits…

The tips above will help you to get high converting opt-ins.

This will help you with the next step in the process:

Test this stuff out as soon as you can.

It works, you’ll get higher converting opt-ins right away, and you’ll start making more cash.




Online Home Business – Sunk Cost Syndrome…



UrlaubsgeldThere’s something called Sunk Cost Syndrome (SCS), and if we’re not careful, we’ll let it drag us down for far too long…

It can be the difference between -$100,000 in our bank account. Or $100,000+.

Sunk cost syndrome is when we invest ourselves in something. And then we view that thing differently in some way -only because we’re now vested in it.

Or, we feel “obligated” to stick it out…

This can be demonstrated in various ways:

We go to a movie and the first 45 minutes are terrible. What do we do?

We rarely just get up and leave. We stick it through another 45 minutes.


We’ve invested into watching the movie already. We feel like we must complete it.

We’re in a relationship where the other person is abusive and bad to us. What do we do?

Most will stick it out. Because they’ve invested too much into that relationship already.

You’ve got a t-shirt from the 90′s with holes in it, it’s faded, and it’s got about 25 years of stink on it.

But you wouldn’t sell it for $1,000 bucks.

Why? Because you’ve taken ownership of it. You value it more highly than anyone else does. You’re invested into that shirt, that’s literally worthless to anybody else.

Now for many things, there is nothing wrong with this, and it can even be downright good for you.

However, in other areas, it can prove to be toxic.

Take your online home business for example:

Maybe you’ve set up a website, or you’ve got a project you’ve been working on.

Thing is, you’ve been at it for years and it’s still not profitable.

You’re fully invested in it.

It’s tough to just up and abandon it.

But sometimes we’ve got to get past the emotional side of things and just move on.

The past matters much less than the future.

You can choose to stop anything. Right. Now.

So if this online home business hasn’t been working for you currently…

If your plan isn’t panning out for you right now…

Then it’s time to cut the cord and try something new that actually works.

Many people were struggling online for years. Making nothing, or maybe just the odd commissions here and there, but nothing fantastic.

That is until they got started with MOBE:

This business simply works because it takes most of the load off of YOUR shoulders, which will allow you the ability to quickly profit.

And it focuses heavily on fixing the ECONOMICS of your online home business.

Which means more money in your pockets.

Much more.

Watch the presentation and get started on this ASAP:

It works.

Plain and simple.


Hope this helps,


Online Business – Overwhelmed by TOO MUCH?



ARalstonOverwhelmed by all of the opportunity that’s out there?

Well, take note of this powerful testimony of what you may need to do right away…

Seriously, this WILL help.

Aron Ralston looooooved climbing in the Utah canyons.

So one day, he’s out there all by himself, he didn’t tell anybody where he was going, and he’s climbing rocks and exploring the terrain.

Then, as he’s descending down a beautiful array of rock formations, something happens and he finds himself with his arm pinned down by an unmovable boulder.

He’s deep in the canyons. Nobody has any clue where to even remotely look for him. And he’s stuck like a car buried in 8′ of mud.

His heartbeat is racing, his arm is aching, and he knows that he’s in serious trouble here.

127 hours.

That’s how long he tries to figure out some way to get his arm free.

All to no avail.


He cuts his hand off and is able to get free and live through to tell the tale.

Cutting your arm off?

Pretty extreme right?!

But what other option did he have?


It was that, or death.

He chose life.

Now, here’s my point…

Would you say that a hand is valuable?

I’d say so!


There is an endless array of things that we need our hands for. (Don’t be weird here.)

So why did he cut off something that’s so valuable?

Because, it was keep it and die, or chop it off and live.

When your life is in danger, you’ll do extreme things. And you’ll realize that yes, you CAN live even without things that are indeed very useful.

Now, what about our online businesses? How can we relate this here?

Would you say that learning certain skills online are valuable? Can Facebook, Email, and Twitter be valuable?

Can the 50+ products launching everyday be useful in some way to us?

Yes! All of these things can be very valuable and useful.

However, are any of these things killing your online business right now?

Are you stuck on FB 8 hours a day just mindlessly looking at posts as they come in?

Do you feel the necessity to check your email every 5 minutes?

Do you buy every new product, but never find the time to implement even just one of them?

See, doing things like this can literally kill any chance of you succeeding online.

Again, they’re useful. They can be VERY useful.

But if it’s proving to be more of a silent killer to your online business, then it’s much better to just cut it off completely.

Yep. Delete it, destroy it, lop it off, at the very minimum, vastly limit your time in these activities that are stunting your progress online.

Sounds extreme, but sometimes that’s what we’ve got to do.

And who knows, after you cut down on email, FB, etc… you might get a little (LOT) of sanity and clarity back in your life and will see that you’re not missing out on much after all.

Now this is important:

As soon as you cut off these useful but harmful activities for your money-getting plans, it’s extremely important that you replace these things with something else.

Otherwise, it won’t stick and you’ll go right back to bouncing between email and FB 100 times a day.

==> That’s what the mttb system is aimed to help you with:

You’re given the training, coaching and skills to skip all the non-essential stuff and instead, you’ll get a clearcut and simple plan to follow.

And that plan will be easy enough to stick to, and, it will also generate huge rewards for you too! Lucrative commissions, big profits, ultimate leverage, will all be available to you now.

Cut. Cut. Cut.


Talk soon,


Online Home Business – How Warren got rich…



WBuffettWarren Buffet is one of the wealthiest men alive.

Not only that, but he wasn’t born with some silver spoon in his mouth either.

He started with very little and EARNED his way to the top.

There’s a decision that he made early on that helped him to get to where he is today.

He realized that in order for him to make good decisions, he had to focus on just a few companies.

It would be impossible to make smart investments in 100′s of companies, he thought.


He picked 10…

The safest investments…

Invested HEAVILY in them…

And he achieved extraordinary wealth as a result.

All when many others were trying to invest in everything under the sun and were going bust.

It’s a true case of Less is More.

Today, there’s a million and one ways to make an income online.

Lot’s of methods, systems, niches, and so forth that can keep you running in circles the rest of your life trying to figure the “”best”” one to go with.

Instead of doing that, which is not only unprofitable, but also highly stressful…

Do like Mr. Buffet here and invest heavily in just a few ventures.

The ones with the highest probability of success.

And what is that you say?

Well, I can’t speak for you, but for many, it’s just too risky to try to do things all by yourself.

To try to create from scratch isn’t very easy.

It’s not likely you’ll just pick up an ebook or course and make a ton of money from it either…

Those all aren’t the safest bets for most.


Discover a proven system, one that gives you a coach, one that’s got a track record of making partners millions, and makes it possible for the little guy -and everyone in between- to succeed in the online home business arena massively…

Now you’ve got something to invest your time and energies to.

==> That exact system can be found right here:

This is the first step in leveraging your way into a very lucrative online home business for you.

VERY lucrative.


Talk soon,


Online Business – The L.A.M.P. Method To Getting Results…



goalsettingHey, how are things going right now in your online business and life?

Are you getting the desired results that you want right now?

Wouldn’t it be cool, just like in the old Aladdin tale, if you could simply rub a little lamp and that would set in motion the cause, that will without a doubt, produce those results for you?

Here’s a little method that can do exactly that, created by a guy named Keith Ellis, namely for people that have troubles following the traditional “”setting goals”” route.

The main power of this is the law of Cause and Effect.

You jump off a roof (the cause), the effect will take care of itself (which isn’t so good in this illustration).

So let’s apply this here in a way that will greatly benefit you, which you’ll discover through the l.a.m.p. method:

Lock On: What is it that you really want out of your business? You’ve got to start here. (Remember the Aladdin tale? Your wish is my command, rub the genie etc…?) Gotta start there.

Act: After you know what it is you want, then you can break things down into doable steps and take action, thus setting in motion the causes to get your results, the effect.

Manage Your Progress: Are you producing your desired results now? You won’t know unless you’re tracking! If you’re not, this is the point where you’ll adjust and repeat step two.

Persist: Finish what you start. Most people give up way too fast. Don’t let that be you. Keep at it and you WILL find your way!

There ya go…

Follow this handy little method, and you’ll be well on your way to hitting those goals that you haven’t been able to conquer just yet. =)

And if you want to dig much deeper on this, feel free to check out Keith’s book, The Magic Lamp: Goal Setting For People Who Hate Setting Goals.


It still begs the problem: Many online businesses REALLY struggle with finding the appropriate cause to get the desired result. This is an issue no matter how much goal setting and planning they do.

It’s because there is so much noise online and so many different ways and methods to go about it all.

And when you look at starting an online business, where do you even start?

It just seems so overwhelming, right from the get go, right?

==> MTTB could be your “”magic lamp”” solution:

You’ll still want to follow the l.a.m.p. method outlined above. But now, you’ll know you’ve got a sure plan to get ya where you want to go!




Online Home Business – F.A.Q. from new buyer



procrastinationIt’s inevitable…

Almost every time a new person joins into this online home business with me, I’m barraged by a load of questions.

Not that I don’t mind helping, and not that I don’t “get it”. But alas, most of this is what you might call, a smart form of procrastination.

It’s just one more thing to throw in front of action.

Because let’s face it.

Taking action, especially if we don’t know the outcome, is uncomfortable for most of us.

So on the list of questions go, sometimes 20-30 of them in one email.

“How do I split-test?”

“How can I track where the sales are coming from?”

“What’s the absolute best source to get leads?”

“How can I separate my list of buyers?”

“How do I do something that I don’t need to know how to do until 10 steps from now?”

Again, I get it.

We want a clear path.

We want to know all the answers and make sure we’re near perfect before we’re willing to take action.

However in business that’s not how it works most often.

You jump off the cliff, and build your plane on the way down.

That’s how it works.

You can plan, and ask, and plan some more, but nothing really happens till you jump.

Do you need to know where your sales are coming from, is it smart to split-test to see if one ad performs better than the other?

Sure it’s important.

But it’s not NEAR as important as getting started.

One of the top affiliates in MTTB didn’t test anything out until he was well into the profits.

Yet, he was making money, kicking butt and taking names, and learning, implementing, and growing “in the process”.

Start first.

Right away.

THEN add in all the other stuff.

Figure it all out along the way, not before your first step.

Otherwise you’ll be stuck for years trying to learn “just one more thing” before you get started.

==> Inside the mttb system, you’ll learn everything you need to know in order to get a fast start.

The economics of this business (99% of other products don’t include this, or even know it!).

You’ll get a business coach that talks the talk and walks the walk.

And you’ll even get a Traffic Coach, and all the top marketing methods and ad sources for other mttb members -including the top earners.

You’ll learn not what was working in 2013, but rather what’s working NOW.




P.S. Want to take a quick litmus test to see if you are stuck in this rut?

I take it you’ve got $5.00 to spare?

Go to Facebook, and purchase $5.00 worth of advertising.

It’ll literally take just a few minutes to do this.

What the ad is for, where it goes, is irrelevant.

It’s the action of doing this SMALL thing that will prove to be so powerful and transformative for you.

Will you do it though, is the question…

4 steps to a profitable online home business right now…



bizfoundationThere are just a few things that are really important if you want to profit in your home business online.

If you don’t even have a business at all at this point, no worries!

You just have to escape “search” mode, and DECIDE what it is you want to do.

Now I can’t go into deep detail here, but here are a few things you’ll want to consider:

1- Your Foundation

This is where you start. Building the foundation of your empire that everything else will grow off of.

What marketplace do you want to sell to?

What is it you want to offer them?

What problems and pains do the people in your marketplace have?

What are their urgent needs?

What irresistible products or services can you create or sell as an affiliate to this tribe of people?

2- Build Your Trust And Credibility

What sets you apart from the rest of the competition?

What do you stand for, and, does your marketplace clearly see this?

What are your talents and skills?

Does your brand and marketing show you’re credible and trustworthy, or just another hypey marketer?

3- Simple Selling

How will you primarily sell your product or opportunity?

Advertising, SEO, Social Media, Video, Networking, Talking on the Phones…?

What type of value can you offer -Up Front?

What range of products -low to high-priced- will you have to offer to your range of customers?

4- Sustainability & Growth

How can I automate my processes?

What can I cut back on?

What can I scale?

How can I create a “profit snowball effect” in my online home business?

And so on…

Again, I can’t go “too” deep here, since this is just a blog post.

However, think about and go through this process above and you’ll be well on your way!

Of course, you could take the much easier route and simply check out mttb:

All of this heavy lifting has already been worked out for you.

Sure, you’ll still want to make yourself unique and stand-out from the rest.

But armed with this system, and what I just shared with you will set you apart and make you a profitable force to be reckoned with.


Talk soon,


Online Home Business – Why having Priorities is BAD!



priorityThe word Priority originated around the 1400′s.

And you know what happened for about 400+ years thereafter?

It “remained” the word, Priority.



It was a word that was rarely used at all really.

So, fast-forward about 400-500 years, and the use of the word skyrockets up!

Not only that, but man, in all his wisdom, decides now that they can have priorities!

No longer singular.

So you may see a to-do list now like:

Priority #1: Do this.

Priority #2: Do that.

Priority #3: Overwhelm.

Priority #4: I’ll do nothing now.

And in essence, now NO priority is a priority.

Now I may sound like I’m rambling here, but believe me, I am not.

Most people today are trying to do too much.

Waaaaaaay too much.

And this is ever so important in growing your online home business up to a very profitable and easy to run venture.

That’s why you want to focus in on the critical few.

Master 1 traffic technique, not 20.

Create 1 conversion asset, not 10.

Build up one business model at a time, not 5.

Once you’ve got this fine tuned and working and basically on auto-pilot, then and only then do you even think about adding more gears to your online home business model.

With focus, one traffic source, one conversion method, and one business model can -and does- run 6-7 figure businesses.

Is this easy?

No, it is not.

We’re drowning in information, and most of the advertisements we see make us feel like we MUST have it, or that we’ll be missing out on an amazing opportunity.

The best opportunity you have right now is to run a lean online home  business, and make it your PRIORITY.

All the other non-essentials will get a big, fat, NO.

If you’re into running a lean online home business that doesn’t require you to run around like a chicken with your head cut off, and that allows you to be very profitable at the same time…

Then check out the MTTB Solution:

This unique business model will allow you to focus on just a few things, rather than 100′s.

It’ll give you a team, coaches, a powerful system, all working on your behalf.

You can stay with most at the bottom rung of the ladder, struggling, fighting to find “the way”.

Or, you can jump to the top right now and already have a fully fledged, proven to profit business model on your hands.


To the top,


P.S. Is having an online home business that makes you $500-$5,000+ a month something you “really” want?

If so, then again, you’ll make it your Priority to do the few things it’ll take to get you there.

It’ is not hard, you just gotta do it! And MTTB will give you a big head start. ;)


Online Home Business – Feeling trapped like a Bug?



ScorpionDoes the bug trap illusion have you too?

So I saw this little bug crawling along on this guys desk, right onto a clean piece of paper.

As the bug was crawling around, he took his pen, and drew a line right in front of the bug.

The bug hit the line, and immediately changed direction.

For minutes this went on!

Every time he drew a new line, the bug saw it as a brick wall, it would stop and would remain trapped on the paper.

But of course, it was just an illusion.

The bug could have easily just walked straight across the line and off the page at any time.

Most of us are trapped in our j-o-b and life that we just don’t want to be in, and like that bug, that trap is often just a self-imposed illusion.

The difference between the masters and the masses is one of perception!

The masses live in a prison of their own making.

All you have to do is to realize these limitations, and then step out of them -ASAP.

Is setting up a lifestyle of your dreams really that hard?

Is replacing, and even surpassing your current income with an online home business so difficult?

No, not at all!

Far from it in fact.

At least not when you learn to live outside of the lines of the masses.

You can get everything you need to begin the journey right here:

I’d also recommend that you find a place that will allow you to think for an hour or two.

A quite spot, a Starbucks, wherever is best for you.

Take a pen, a new notebook, and really chart out what you want, need, and how quick and willing you are to get there.

And then?





Online Business – 2 Major Takeaways From Investing $1.00



mastermindTwo dozen people, across all different industries, were polled recently on how they would invest a single dollar.



The responses were very different, very creative and, VERY interesting…

Here’s the two I thought packed the most punch, and that may also actually help you in your own online business:

Response #1: “I’d buy a (cheap!) cup of coffee for someone I admire and pick his or her brain for half an hour. I’d ask for advice far more worth $1.00, and I’d pass on that information to help others…”

Now this person knows the power of leverage.

One tip from somebody that is at where you want to be at in business or life, can be worth millions, or better…


The key is having “specific” questions, being respectful of their time, and paying it forward by teaching others.

Now in reality, there are a multitude of ways to do this past just leveraging a cheap cup of coffee.

Many people online will offer you their wisdom if you’d just ask.

Then you’ve got live events throughout the year in your industry that you should always strive to get to.

And there are also Masterminds. High level events with trainings and networking opportunities that can take you to the next level faster than anything else.

If you think this business is all about sitting behind your computer all day, and building no relationships, then you’ve got a rude awakening headed your way.

You need to connect with people. Help people. And others that YOU need will appear -as if out of thin air- to help you.

MTTB has many opportunities to network with the best minds in the online business, and, people that are just a few steps ahead of you in this business that are doing very well right now.

Learning from each one will prove very valuable to you.

It all starts with watching this presentation and getting inside the tribe:

Alright, let’s move on to the next one…

Response #2: “I don’t encourage anyone to invest, even a dollar, unless they have a strong economic background and experience in online business.

I would tell people to find someone they know with those skills and ask them to invest it FOR THEM.”

This is great advice.

Many people lose a lot of money because they “think” they know what they’re doing. They think they are a pro.

When in reality, they should be leaving it to the pro’s, or, put in the time required to become a Pro themselves.

That’s why so much of the MTTB business model is so done-for-you and hands-off.

Especially when you consider the most important and profitable element of your online business, the back end, high ticket sales.

It can take years to develop the phone skills, the knowledge, and system set-up to become profitable and trying to figure this out yourself.

And that’s why most people just don’t do it, or don’t want to do it.

It’s also the reason they’re in the poor house with their online businesses.

It literally makes all the difference.

Being able to make a few dollars a sale, or a few thousand? Just makes sense that you NEED this in your business right?


Why not let the pro’s handle it for you?

Again, that’s what MTTB is all about:

Check out the presentation, get started, and you’ll get the down low on how to start getting high ticket commissions, done for you, on the back end of your new lucrative online business model.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Talk soon,


Online Home Business – Get off your “but”?



getoffyourbutI just got through reading a testimonial in our MTTB Support Group, from a Plumber that joined in the program about 6 months ago.

6 months up till today, and he’s already brought in a tidy 6 figures.

That’s just an amazing feat in such a short period of time! And again, the fact is, he was a “licensed plumber” before he got his start. Not some marketing whiz.

And really, this is the most important thing he did…


Something most can’t get themselves to do.

He could have just as easily came up with a lot of plumber “buts”, you could say:

But I have no experience online…

But what if I fail…

But I don’t know what to do next…

But I have little technical or online home business experience…

And on the “buts” go…

There’s a nice book by a guy named Sean Stephensen called “Get Off Your But”.

This guy has a condition where when he was younger, if he even sneezed, he’d break multiple bones.

He could have came up with endless “buts” to live a life of limit and misery.

Instead, he didn’t make excuses. He went out and did the things that he wanted to, and he’s achieved massive success in all areas of his life.

What about you?

Experience doesn’t matter.

Age doesn’t matter.

Timing doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you get off your “but” and take your life by the horns and lead it to wherever you want to go.

And if you’d like to get results in your online home business like I mentioned in today’s post, you can follow the exact same steps and leverage the identical system that he did.

You can get started right here:

Hope you have an incredible day, wherever it takes you!




Home Business – Market Sophistication [Do you do this?]



evolutionhumansHey, I hope your day is going well.

Today, I wanted to talk with you briefly about something called Market Sophistication.

It’s CRITICAL that you get this.

90% don’t.

It should totally dictate how you talk to your home business target market however.

And with a little thought, you’ll see that likely, you should be talking a wee bit differently to them than you may currently be.

This can be the difference between a home business that loses money and one that’s profitable.

So the question is: How sophisticated is your marketplace?

And are you speaking with them in congruence with that?

For example: Let’s say that you’re selling a weight- loss product.

How do you think you’d do putting together a product called “Lose Weight!”?

You’ve got the product bundled with a nice PDF, fancy videos, the works…

Most likely, you’d be lucky to get just a few sales!


Because that marketplace is much more sophisticated than that.

You just can’t come at it with generic information.

So you expand, how to lose weight fast without dieting, drop 10 lbs in 10 days with juicing etc…

Or say you’re teaching people how to make an income online.

Most of your target market will need much more info than just promises to “make money online”, showing fancy checks or stats of your earnings just won’t cut it anymore, and having a few testimonials sprinkled on your site will do very little for you.

4-5 years ago, sure, this could work for you like crazy.

But again, the market is too sophisticated for that now.

You need to go deeper, you need to take your home business to the next level. You need to be more strategic.

90% of marketers online don’t do this.

They get it all wrong.

And the few that get it right?

Well, they stand out far above the rest. And they’ve got killer results to show for it as well.

That’s what you want.

Avoid the hype and basic claims you see the others showing. Zig where they Zag.

Create something epic, be on the up and up about it all, and provide amazing value to others -without all the old school hype- and you’ll do amazingly well.

Ignore my advice here at your own Peril.

Knowing market sophistication can help fuel your business to new levels of profits.

And if you need an engine to put this fuel in to, check this out:

It’s superior and different than anything else you’ll see out there.

And that’s probably why it’s working so well for so many partners right now.




Online home business – The income-getting process like dating?



DatingEver dated before?

For you, that may bring up good or bad vibes!

Maybe you’ve dated a little, maybe a lot. And ideally, you eventually have, or will, end up with your dream mate.

Now the process to starting a real relationship is no mystery right?

There is some sort of attraction.

You have many conversations.

You learn about each others personalities.

You go on dates and give gifts.

And over time, the love grows.

Then… you’ve got FAKE love.

You can usually tell right off the bat when it’s not real.

Cheesy pickup lines.

No meaning behind the conversations.

Very selfish ways, and so forth. You can tell that the “intentions” are totally wrong.

One way here will bring you a “little” online home business success possibly. But in a very unfulfilled and limited way.

The other way, the one with the right intentions, yields the biggest dividends for you personally.

Everyday when I look at my inbox, it’s mostly full of people that blatantly tell me they’ve got the WRONG INTENTIONS for me!

They’re all about themselves. Their emails are 4-5 sentences in length, like some cheesy pickup line, that show to me that they care about nothing else but taking my money.

There’s no conversation, no relationship building, absolutely no value!

Obviously you don’t want to be like this, like the 90% are out there.

You want to be like the other individual…

You make yourself attractive and give incredible value right from the start.

You make everything about THEM.

You tell stories and reveal who you are, and you endeavor to learn about the people in your tribe.

And over time, the relationship grows, trust expands, and you’ll develop a loyal following of people that will listen to anything you say and will buy anything you sell.

And you’ll know, since you did it all with the right intentions, that they’ll be all the better off for it.

No cheesy spamming and manipulation needed. Because you were in this to really help others, not to take advantage of them.

And how can you really help people, while at the same time massively transform your own life?

You need to be able to add massive value to them with upfront offers, and with much more exclusive and intensive programs on the back end that give them a much more personal and elite experience.

You need to have a “varied” tier of products to offer your customers, from low-tier, all the way to top-tier.

Watch this presentation:

It’ll give you everything you need in order to do this online home business right -from the start.


Talk later,


Online Business – Why making money should be scary…



scaryI’ve got a friend that’s a coach.

He’s good.

REAL good.

He’s just one of those guys that you can spend a few minutes with, and know that your life has changed in some way for the better.

And he’s ALL about adding extraordinary value to you.

You give him $1.00, he’ll give you $10,000 back in return.

So his business is always booked these days.


I remember recently he was telling about a client that he’s had for quite a while.

And this client had signed up with him back when he was really cheap.

Anyways, this guy never really was getting any results in his online business.

He never would apply anything from the coaching sessions.

So, he decided that since most all of his clients were now paying so much more, and because this guy was doing nothing, it would be a good time to go ahead and raise  his online business coaching fees.

His thoughts?

He’d raise his fees, and wouldn’t have to work with a client that doesn’t inspire him, or, take action.

Instead though, this client went ahead and paid the fees!

And when I say “fee increase”, I mean he raised prices from like $1,000 a month to $10,000 a month.

So what happened?

The very next month after paying the much higher fees, he took action, and if I remember right, he had profited something like an extra $60-70k that month.

And ever since then this guy has been on fire!

Was he getting newer, higher quality information at these higher fees, which granted these changes?


Like I said, this guy always gives you 1,000%.

The difference was this guys Commitment Level.

Before, sure, he’d be losing a bit of money each month, but not enough to worry him.

But now, he had a lot more to lose!

He had a lot on the line. And so now, when he was told to do something, you better believe he did it!

He put much more value on something because now he was more fully vested in it.

Finding a way to give YOURSELF this type of commitment is critical for you to achieve success.

When nothing is on the line, it’s just too easy to keep on getting by, just as most everyone else is.

For example:

Which would you be more inclined to take action and follow through on?

Buying a book on how to start a business for $20.

Or purchasing a franchise for $500k?

You may casually read the book, but no harm no foul if you don’t ever do anything with it.

But the $500k franchise? You’d do everything in your power to make that successful, otherwise you may go bust.

So, how far you’re “in” will affect your actions right?

Now online, you can buy “how-to” courses and books for little to nothing.

How to do this, how to make that, and so forth…

Or, you can commit to a REAL online business like MTTB:

One that allows you the opportunity to put a little skin in the game on something that actually works.

Something that holds you over the fire to succeed.

Sound a little scary?

Good. It should.

Because right on the other side of scary is where all of the profits are.




Online Business – Avoid being an “opportunity seeker” like the PLAGUE!



SummerIt’s summertime for much of the world right now…

And whether you are planning a trip to the beach, or something else fun, it’s a time of the year when many start to pick up books to read.

According to statistics that we can get from places such as the Amazon Kindles technology, it turns out that most people never get past the first 1 to 2 chapters.

That’s a shame, because books can change lives.

People have great “plans” to read every book they pick up, but they allow other things to take priority.

They get busy, distracted, and many people are getting shorter and shorter attention spans, where they’d just rather watch some braincell killing T.V. for a few hours each day.

Now, not only does this same thing happen in the online business space, but I believe it’s even worse.

We’re inundated with emails and the marketing of new products each day.

It’s almost like we’re able to walk the isles of our favorite bookstore, reading all of the covers -yet, right from our home.

And it’s VERY easy to hit that “Buy Now” button, wouldn’t you agree!?

Especially when the claims are ones that often excite the heck out of us and have the potential to change our lives.

But alas, most people will buy a boatload of online products, and will never actually go through the course, much less apply anything from it.

It’s only when you decide to take real, focused action that things start to happen.

That your stars will start to align.

You can be a buyer…

A reader…

Or a DOER…

You guess which one profits more.

Don’t let yourself be an information junkie, or an opportunity seeker.

It’s a fools errand that will only end in you being broke and frustrated.

You know what’s NOT a fools errand?

Getting serious and signing up with a real online business – just like MTTB:

And then by George, actually going through it, and wait… applying what you learn!

Do this, and I promise you, your life will take a strong turn for the better.

So whether you’re picking up a new book, or are getting serious about an online business like MTTB right now, take the time to finish what you’ve set out to do.

You can do it.


Talk soon,


Home Business – Is the typical IM lifestyle a LIE?



im_quitting_my_job_tomorrowWhat image do you conjure up when you think about the “lifestyle” of the successful online home business owner?

Most of these guys paint a pretty picture of themselves working just a few hours a day.

They’re sitting on the beach in Maui with their laptop and mixed drink in hand.

They have a huge home, an expensive car, and they get to do basically anything they want, while their business just seems to keep effortlessly growing on auto-pilot.

But get this…

Most of this is BOGUS!

Many of the top business owners online have come out and said they’re workaholics.

They put in 60-80+ hour weeks on average.

Some of them just love this business so much and love making money so much that they wouldn’t have it any other way.

And others are barely scraping by from their online home business earnings, so they’re forced to work around the clock.

So why do they paint this much different picture that doesn’t portray reality?

Because, they want to “be” the person that personifies YOUR ideal lifestyle.

And most people only want to work a few hours a day, most want fancy homes and cars, most want to work from the beaches of the world.

So they do their best to play up this ideal lifestyle that they believe their customers want themselves.

And, they want to portray that it’s not hard to get to their level of success.


1-2 hours a day…


Push button…

They know these things appeal to most of us.

And obviously, this type of marketing works. Creating this persona of yourself to use in your marketing.

It works and is used in nearly all industries and has successfully been so for many years.

However, if you want to be successful in this industry, you have to be able to see through it all.

And, you have to realize that anything worthwhile will require some effort.

And that’s my main point here today.

This business isn’t always as easy for people as it’s made to oftentimes appear to be.

Know that the guy telling you that you can work an hour a day and make a million a year, may be putting in 12-16 hour days himself.

Of course, you CAN do this business, if you do it right, and not have to work around the clock.

You can have an amazing, quality lifestyle.

Here’s one way how:

Take my friend and mentor Matt Lloyd for example.

He doesn’t tell people that he works just an hour a day, and then counts his money the other 23 hrs.

It’s quite the opposite.

He let’s people know that he works 6-7 days a week, from early morning till late at night, he makes tons of sacrifices for the sake of his company and for his partners…

He’s spent years building up his business, making mistakes, tweaking, creating products and getting his business to where it’s at today through sheer blood, sweat and tears.

And he’s loved mostly every minute of it.

In short though, he’s telling you that it’s no easy road to get to the next level.

And that’s what makes his system so unique:

He’s already done all of the hard work that frankly, most can’t, or won’t do themselves.

And he’s allowing select partners to in essence, license out his entire business, support and sales staff, and get right into an online home business that’s already set-up and ultra profitable.

If you don’t want to work countless hours in this business and want to live an incredible lifestyle…

You HAVE to leverage other peoples efforts and systems.

And the MTTB System gives you this in the highest form of leverage possible:

Watch the presentation.

Follow the Steps.

And profit.

Simple as that.

Curb years of effort with this system that simply works -if you’ll work it.


Have a great one,


Online Home Business – How to make profits non-negotiable…



routineLet me ask you -how “set” are you in your daily routines when it comes to your online home business?

For the majority of those failing right now, when you look at what they’re doing, they’ve made everything negotiable.

For the rare bird that wisely plans his day out beforehand, he still fails.


Because it was all negotiable.

He logs in to his email, and starts clicking away, opening up and getting involved in “other peoples” agendas.

He opens up Facebook, reads what’s going on in others lives, most of whom he doesn’t even know and will never meet in person.

And before he knows it, 15 tabs are opened up on his computer, he’s overwhelmed, and get’s nothing done that he set out to.

And instead of having a healthy 6-figure income from his online efforts…

He’s at $0.00 and is doing more things (although the wrong things) than the successful guys are doing daily.

So how do you get around this?

One, you set in STONE what you need to get done to move you closer towards your goals.

Two, you make it NON-Negotiable.

It’s not up for debate, no further discussion will be entertained, it’s non-negotiable that you’ll get this done.

Of course, it helps to realize the big stumbling blocks and minimize them as well.

If you’re not getting things done that you know you should be, what’s preventing you from doing these things?

Is it email?




Are you following too many “gurus”?

Find out what these things are, and box it in. Fit a little timeframe in each day that you can check your email, FB and so forth…

If that doesn’t work, then really think and ask yourself if this thing is helping you move closer towards your personal goals or is distancing you from them.

If these things aren’t moving you closer towards your goals (and most often they’re not), then maybe it’s best for you to take drastic measures at this point.

Cut off your hand, as it were. Remove your eye, chop off your leg.

Completely remove that thing that’s holding you back.

One of those things that should be Non- Negotiable in your day is marketing your online home business.

Building your list up, connecting with people in your industry, adding value and making offers.

And the MORE you can focus in on that, the more MONEY you will make.

The MTTB System makes this super simple:

The hard work has already been done for you, a team will get you large commissions on your behalf, and you can focus on the critical few things that we discussed, which will bring you home the bacon.

Then you can go watch viral cat videos, check your email and do whatever it is that you enjoy.

But make the important things non-negotiable and do them FIRST.






Online Business – 4 Words We Hate To Utter, And How It’s Costing You Money…



WC“I have no idea.”

For some reason, those four words are VERY HARD for people to say.

Just a few days ago, Jimmy Kimmel, who hosts a late night talk show, started asking random people on the street their thoughts on how a particular player was doing in the World Cup.

Person after person went in to detail about things this player was doing and so forth…

The only thing was, this person was not even playing in the World Cup.

So all these folks were bold faced lying, claiming they’re big fans of soccer and have been watching the games, when in fact, they knew nothing about it.

Why not just say “I have no idea, I don’t watch soccer.” instead of lying?

Now, soccer is one thing.

However, when it comes to you building your online business up, this is no game.

And there are a LOT of people out there that are talking like they know what they’re doing, when again, in fact they no nothing about really building up a true, profitable online business.

The worst way you see this online is the mass output of re-hashed stuff.

Some good, some bad, but these guys are basically compiling, swiping, and stealing information and selling it to the masses as a proven system.

I’m just saying this so you can be aware, and beware!

Just because someone’s created a product, sold a lot of copies of it, and claims to be an expert, that means nothing.

A lot of that’s just smoke and mirrors.

And the sales oftentimes come from affiliates rubbing each others backs. “You promote my thing, I’ll promote yours.”

The solution then is to find somebody that actually knows what they’re talking about.

And not only that, but their members should be making good money with their training.

And that’s why I’m so proud to recommend this system to my friends:

The owner has taken his business from $0 to a million dollar company.

And countless partners, which several you’ll meet in the presentation video above, are making very lucrative commissions, over and over again.

Quite a few partners have even quit their jobs because they’re doing so well with this one particular program.

Of course there is a caveat.

The system works.


But you still need to work it.

If that four-letter word, W-O-R-K scares you, and if you expect something for nothing, then this probably is NOT the system for you.

This is the real deal folks.

If you realize that a little effort and focus is needed in order to succeed, then I think you can do very well with this.




Online Business – Are you profiting from Fanatics?



ironmanIn sports, you’ve got the standard game.

Baseball, Football, Running, Riding Bikes and so forth…

And then you’ve got the hardcore “fanatics” that take things to the next level.

You’ve got these things called Iron Man Triathlons.

You’ve got to swim 2.4 miles, then hop on a bike and ride 112 miles, and then finish that off with a nice full marathon run at 26.2 miles.

All that, in one day, and if you aren’t keeping pace, you’re out.

Thousands of people pay “big bucks” to enter in to these events.

Then you’ve got Ultra Marathons.

Pick some of the hottest, most humid places on the earth.

Arid deserts, hot and humid rainforests, and even ice-cold climates as well.

It’s there you’ll find runners distancing over 100-150 miles -nonstop.

There’s even races where people race horses! And they usually win. And some of these runners even do so barefoot.

What’s the lesson here?

You’ve got the basics, then you’ve got the next level.

You’ve got hardcore, obsessed, serious, and ultra committed people in ANY tribe.

And this includes business -BIG TIME.

So the question is, do you have these type of offers in your online business?

Something far past the “standard” of what most people will want?

Something that will give your customers the chance of an experience that will trump anything else going on in their lives right now?

If not, you’re likely leaving a big opportunity and experience on the table for your customers, and, you’re missing out on a boatload of potential profits.

For example:

Sell somebody a book on how to climb Everest. Cost: $20 (They’ll probably buy this and never even climb.)


Personally train somebody on how to climb Everest, go to the summit, and do the climb with them. And as a surprise, one of the fellow climbers you’ve arranged to be on your team is world-renowned and climbed Everest 9 times. All-Inclusive. Cost $80,000

Think anybody will choose the second option? You better believe it.

So think about this in your online business.

The MTTB System gives you the training, coaching, and opportunity to have incredible offers like this, without you having to actually create the entire experience yourself.

==> Check it out here! <==

Your hardcore customers win, and you’ll profit handsomely as well.

We’re not talking about you making $97 or even $500 commissions either.

That’s fine and all, but that’s still chump change.

The experience you can offer at that point is still “limited”.

We’re talking about programs that excite the heck out of the right demographic, that add massive value to their lives, and that can put anywhere from $1,000 to $15,000 and up into your pockets.

==> Watch the free presentation here: <==

Remember this; not every customer is like you. Not every customer is on a budget. Not every customer has time considerations. Not every customer wants to do everything themselves.

Some want a Honda, others want a Maserati.

It’s not our job to judge, but if we want a profitable business and want to help as many people as possible, we’d better be giving people these options.

Because if it’s not you, it’ll be the next guy, and he’ll profit off of all your hard work.


Talk soon,